Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 43

Your Questions, My Answers4 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 43

Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 43

In the latest installment of Your Questions, My Answers, I was once again joined by Mike as we tackle a few more reader submitted questions. Just like the last time Mike and I got together, we managed to overstep our twenty-minute pre-determined time constraint and run for about thirty-eight minutes.

Both questions were selected from the Stogie Review Fan Forum. We first discuss using different style cigar cutters for different vitolas. After a little banter we moved on to discussing if our change in preferred body/strength/flavor warranted a re-review of past cigars.

If you would like to submit a question of your own to be answered on a future episode of Your Questions, My Answers, there are several methods. Those methods include our Contact Form, Stogie Review Fan Forums, and Voicemail (610-572-2636).

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4 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 43

  1. Interesting discussion about the body preferences changing, I am much like Walt in that I used to smoke Joya de Nicaragua Antanos for breakfast. Now I appreciate the Medium bodied cigars more and often opt for the lighter bodied cigars any time of the day.

    What the full bodied cigars offered for me was a chance to taste the cigar, when I started smoking I couldn’t taste anything in the Connecticut shade wrappers and found myself going to the stronger cigars because they offered a better flavor experience. Now that my palate has developed more, I am going back and re-trying the cigars I didn’t think that I liked and finding lots of good stuff.

    I also love the E P Carrillo Inaugural cigar. What did you both think? I didn’t catch much of your reaction to the cigar on the video.

  2. Thanks for the yqma. Hopefully I’m just reiterating, and not going overboard in beating a long past demised horse further, but I (and I’d venture most “commenters”) prefer or at least have no problem with longer yqmas.

    If it’s a technical/time issue on your end solely, then the shorter sessions you’ve been doing more recently are a-ok.

    The full-to-medium-preference transition issue brought up in the video and by jimmyk26 is a very interesting one. I initially smoked mainly fuller bodied cigars simply because I got more flavour. I don’t think I’ve transitioned to preferring medium-bodied cigars per se, but have with more experience come across medium bodied cigars that taste great. Case in point: I’m smoking and very much enjoying the medium-to-full CAO Brazilia now (my 1st), but am very much looking forward to the RP Nording I’m going to smoke next (solid medium).

    I’ve in essence not enjoyed milder cigars as much. I find them too one-dimensional, but I’m now thinking my palate isn’t yet refined enough to pick up the nuances in milder cigars (e.g., I like the RP Vintage 1990, or maybe 1992–not sure which one I’ve had–I like, but I only get one constant flavour throughout.)


  3. Great episode guys. For quite some time, I’ve enjoyed mild to full bodied cigars. Admittedly, I find myself gravitating to medium to full bodied cigars.

    Anyhow, I’m with Stefan… I like the shorter episodes but if they run long I say go with it. I know it adds some extra pain in editing. If recording for long period of time is an issue, a production break may be in order.

    Keep it up guys. SR RULES!

  4. More YQMA!!! Walt, I find the opposite result in the double maduro version of the Sancho Panzas. If I smoke them right away (or soon) after they arrive they are very bitter, but after 6 months + they are quite tasty. I have even had one almost 2 years aged and was also nice.

    Again, Walt, like you I started out more of a fuller bodied smoker and have progressed more towards the medium range in the past few years and I too am loving the connecticuts right now.

    Till next time.!

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