Gran Habano Azteca – Second Blend (Short Ashes)

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Gran Habano Azteca – Second Blend (Short Ashes)

Gran Habano Azteca - Batch 2 - 1

Back in February, I reviewed a pre-release sample of the new Gran Habano Azteca. In that review I made mention that I was fortunate enough to receive a few samples from Gran Habano as part of a tasting panel. To my surprise, I received a few more samples just a few weeks later. I was told that these particular samples were the latest of the blend tweaks.

I thought it would be interesting to record my tasting notes in video form so that our viewers can get a look at how blends are changed along the way. This is only the second time I’ve received multiple samples as a blend was finalized (The first was the CAO LX2 courtesy of Tim Ozgener).

This video runs about fourteen minutes and does not follow my standard video format. After viewing the video, please take a moment to leave a comment. Is the Gran Habano Azteca something that you would seek out when released? Are you a regular smoker of any other cigar produced by George Rico?

Please Note:
Since this recording I have received a third blend sample from Gran Habano. That version will be reviewed, just as this was, in a week or two.

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3 thoughts on “Gran Habano Azteca – Second Blend (Short Ashes)

  1. Interesting review. It sounds like something I’d pass on though. I say this because you compared it to the Cain. It’s not that I don’t like it, but the focus of the cigar did seem to be on power over flavor. I’m all for a good full bodied strong cigar, but I want flavor to match.

  2. This is the same blend as Ben over at Nice Tight Ash reviewed, correct? You two seem to have very differing opinions of this cigar. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Although it might sound silly, I am always amazed at how poor construction can really destroy how a cigar performs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on camera.

    1. Jimmy,
      I think Ben reviewed the test blend that came after this one. I’m a little slow and haven’t gotten to the latest one just yet. I could be wrong, but I think Ben smoked the newer release.

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