Press Release: Punch Promotion with Char-Broil

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Press Release: Punch Promotion with Char-Broil

With the summer months drawing closer and the annual IPCPR convention a few months away, we are seeing more and more promotions enter the market. The latest promotion to come across the Stogie Review desk is one featuring the Punch line of cigars by General Cigar.

Much like last years Punch Tax Relief Program, General Cigar is offering consumers the chance to get a hold of some of their product at a discounted price. This time around, General is focusing on the warmer months and the activities that go along with them.

If the first thought that went through your mind at a summer promotion was grilling, you would be absolutely right. Punch is offering a variety pack of their cigars, for a modest price, and pairing that offer up with a discount on Char-Broil equipment and a smoker box. Personally, the only thing that could make this deal better in my eyes would be the addition of a beer cozy. Lets face it, incorporating beer into a combination of grilled food and cigars would make for one sweet deal.

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National BBQ Promotion Debuts at Tobacconists Nationwide

Richmond, VA—Two of the biggest names in smoke, Punch® cigars and Char-Broil® are teaming up to encourage consumers to break out the cigars and fire up the grill to kick off the much-anticipated barbecue season with the Punch “King of the Deck” promotion.

Consumers of legal smoking age are encouraged to visit their local cigar shop to purchase a Punch-branded steel smoker box while supplies last. Inside the smoker box, cigar enthusiasts will find one each of the following cigars: Punch Magnum, Punch Gran Puro Rancho, Punch Rare Corojo Magnum, plus the new Punch Upper Cut Robusto which is included free. In addition, the smoker box contains a coupon that can be redeemed online at for $100 off the purchase of a new Char-Broil grill valued at $399 and above. For the suggested retail price of just $19.99, this special offer also boasts the added benefit of the smoker box itself which, along with wood chips, can be used to add a rich, smoky flavor to the cigar lover’s favorite grilled foods.

According to Debo Mukherjee, vice president of marketing for General Cigar, parent company of Punch cigars, “For cigar enthusiasts who have a passion for grilling, we are pleased to bring these two great pleasures together under such well-respected brands as Punch and Char-Broil. To get people thinking about barbecue season, we’re taking this promotion one step further by engaging in a comprehensive social media campaign to spark online conversations about grilling tips, recipes and cigar pairings.”

A dedicated Twitter account (@PunchCigars) and a Facebook page (Punch Cigar) have been established to educate smokers as to which Punch cigars pair best with their favorite grilled fare. A mobile extension of the promotion’s website ( has also been developed to allow consumers to enter their favorite Punch cigar brand and preferred grilled meat to receive personalized pairings. In addition, a series of brief videos featuring grilling tips and Punch cigar pairings from Barry “CB” Martin, Char-Broil’s lead blogger and grilling expert, will be released throughout the promotion on and will also be available for download.

In addition to in-store events which will be held at tobacconists nationwide, Punch cigars will be sampled at noteworthy barbecue events throughout the year. Visit for more information.

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4 thoughts on “Press Release: Punch Promotion with Char-Broil

  1. Thought about getting in on this promotion myself a couple weeks ago. $25 for a box with 4 cigars and a chance to win a grill. Then I did more research and found out I didn’t want to win this particular grill…or use the $100 coupon that came with it for another in the same line…and I don’t really like Punch cigars that much (except for that Rare Corojo…it’s pretty good)…so I decided it would be somewhat of a waste of money. But, everyone has to evaluate that for themselves. If you like Punch stogies it’s a great deal whether or not you win the grill or use the coupon.

    1. I was looking at it in the sense that its 4 decent Cigars for $19.95. Even if you were to discount all of the other stuff that comes along with it, it still seems as though you are saving money over buying each stick individually.

      I haven’t smoked a Punch Magnum, Gran Puro, or Rare Corojo in ages, but they were cigars I routinely went to. I had a Upper Cut not all that long ago and thought it was a solid cigar. Not something I would seek out and buy, but a decent stick none-the-less.

      I agree with you though. If you don;t smoke Punch, or really care for the line, there is no sense in buying the sampler unless you are planning on making use of the $100.00 coupon for a Grill.

  2. Oh man, I almost had a heart attack. 2 weeks ago my girlfriend and I bought a new char-broil infrared grill for the house and we really could’ve used the coupon.

    More research shows that the grill is good for purchases and our grill is only avail @ HomeDepot. Technically the coupon would just give you free shipping. So whew! I thought I missed out on $100!

    I am not a huge fan of the Domestically found punches with the exception of the CRA sampler stick, but the smoker box is a cool idea…

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