Cigarfest 2010: Day 2 Summary

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Cigarfest 2010: Day 2 Summary

Cigarfest 2010 - BannerEarlier this week mike and I gave you our take on the Day 1 Activities of Cigarfest 2010. Today we have our thoughts on the Day 2 Activities. This video covers the Cigarfest event itself as well as some random banter from throughout the weekend.

Unlike the first video where we were both pretty run down, we have a bit more energy and provided a more entertaining video. In addition, I also realized that the previous video was recorded with my camera set in standard mode. That issue was corrected so that the video quality this time around would be much better.

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6 thoughts on “Cigarfest 2010: Day 2 Summary

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the calendar…my wife would have flipped if I brought it home, so it’s just as well! 🙂

    Having been to both C-Fest 2010 and 2 Vegas Big Smokes, I have to say the weekend was well worth the price of admission. I want to go again, but the guys and I are discussing some other options for next year…maybe the Texas Cigar Fest or Famous’ Cigar Expo. We’d eventually like to hit all the big herfing events around the country.

    Regarding the blue haze of smoke that descends from the ceiling during all of this type of event…I love it! It’s part of the charm and ambiance.

    …oh, and the other guy’s name is Ray (Vern’s brother).

  2. You guys are awesome! I am still constantly amazed that you are able to do daily posts and really stay on top of everything (website, family life, and work life). You are doing the manufactures, B&M’s, and the cigar-loving community a huge service. I look forward to checking out the site daily. Keep up the awesome job gentlemen!

  3. Good review fellas, I could understand how the loudness could distract with the conversations & maybe the smoking.

  4. You guys should come down to our Social Cigar BBQ we host the friday night before CigarFest. We had over 70 people including several cigar reps. This years BBQ was better than ever. Many cigars and other swag was given away. Great food and beer, including some homebrews. You can find lots of pictures of this years event on Hopefully you’ll join us next year.

    SocialCigar MOD

  5. It was great meeting you guys and hanging out with you. The Michigan Posse (Chubno, Rene, Wideboy, Oldpirate, Jeff, Matt and Who) had a great time at CigarFest. I agree with your assesment of the parties. The RP event was way too loud and $2 for about 4 ounces of coke was a ripoff. The NUB event was much better. The band was awesome and kept it right at the perfect level.

    See you next year!

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