Tweets from the Cigar Expo

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Tweets from the Cigar Expo

Famous Cigar Expo - 2009 - 1

Last year Brian and I were fortunate enough to attend the 2009 Cigar Expo put on by Famous Smoke Shop. We had an absolute blast and I was eagerly awaiting the 2010 Cigar Expo. Unfortunately, neither Brian or I will be able to make it this year. The travel from Georgia to Pennsylvania is a bit much for Brian and I’ll be needing to stick close to home with my almost-ready-to-pop wife.

Even though we have to sit out this time around, Mike will be there to experience the Cigar Expo this year. While there, Mike plans to record and cover the event in much the same way that Brian and I did last year. If you happen to see him wandering around the expo, be sure to pull him aside and say hi (actually, you should give him a hug while you’re at it).

While covering Cigarfest this year, we discovered that our Twitter @ Cigarfest page was getting a steady flow of traffic from the non-twitter crowd to follow the event. We have decieded to do the same thing for Cigar Expo and have the page all set up. If you are a Twitter user and will be at the expo, tag your tweets with #CigarExpo or just mention CigarExpo to be included in the conversation.

Stogie Review’s Twitter at Cigar Expo Page

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