Email Overhaul

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Email Overhaul

Over the last five years, Stogie Review has been using the mail server provided by our web host. In the early days this was a great way for us to send and receive correspondence with the Stogie Review Fans. As time passed and our email load increased, messages began going missing. As of late, this missing email problem has gotten a bit out of hand and we were forced to change mail servers.

In the event that you have used our Contact Form to send in a question or comment and we have not responded, we ask that you please re-send that correspondence, if still applicable. If you have contacted us in the past, using our individual email accounts, you can continue doing so as our addresses have not changed.

We apologize for any emails that have gone unanswered.

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3 thoughts on “Email Overhaul

  1. So you didn’t receive those pictures of Jerry wearing only his elf hat? That explains a lot.

    I’ll re-send them.

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