Cigarfest 2011: The Arrival

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Cigarfest 2011: The Arrival

Cigarfest 2011 - BannerSeveral weeks ago Mike and I were discussing how we wanted to do Cigarfest coverage this year. We weren’t sure when to arrive because the actual event wasn’t until Saturday, but the area had a few things going on.

We decided to make the drive out on Thursday to attend the Studio Tobac Tour Event held at Atlantic Cigar in Stroudsburg. Before that, we spent some time visiting with one of the nicest cigar smokers I’ve ever met, Jason.

This video is a little diary entry, of sort. We talk a little bit about our drive out and our plans for the day. The video below runs about fourteen minutes.

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5 thoughts on “Cigarfest 2011: The Arrival

  1. Was a great weekend & enjoyed the laughs, jokes and cigars. Mike I prob won’t see you till next year. Walt looking forward to seeing you on your travels. Thanks for making time and as always happy ashes guys!

    1. Jason,
      I don;t know how Mike feels about Cigarfest compared to last year, but I think it was the best one I’ve been to (This was my 4th year).

      Thanks for all of the cigars and the very comfortable place to smoke. It was fun hanging out. I’m looking forward to doing it again.

  2. Enjoyed meeting Mike and Walt at the food tent. It was a blast had by all and I can’t wait for next year’s. Look forward to viewing some of your reviews.

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