Cigarfest 2011: Studio Tobac Tour at Atlantic Cigar

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Cigarfest 2011: Studio Tobac Tour at Atlantic Cigar

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On Thursday, Mike and I left the comfort of Jason’s home and took a drive over to Atlantic Cigar for a Studio Tobac Tour Event. While there, we got the chance to see Bryan “The Show” Scholle in action. As it turns out, Bryan is going above and beyond what was being done in the past, where only wrappers were applied, and is making blends, bunching, binding, and wrapping, all at the event.

The video below only shows Bryan applying wrappers (cigars were in the press beside him) and doing his thing. The second part of the video is Mike taking a look at the Studio Tobac Corvette.

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3 thoughts on “Cigarfest 2011: Studio Tobac Tour at Atlantic Cigar

    1. Dave,
      The cigars being rolled at the event? I only smoked one (I have 2 more) and enjoyed it. They look a little crude, but I don’t mind that seeing as they are made from start to finish at the event.

      If Bryan were applying wrappers to pre-made blanks, I would expect them to look much nicer. The sticks I saw had an occasional wrinkle in the wrapper, an odd cap that was well off-center, etc…

  1. Cool! I am positive he males cigars better than I LOL. Glad he rolls up a good cigar while everyone watches. The pressure. . .

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