IPCPR 2011 – Ernesto Perez Carrillo

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IPCPR 2011 – Ernesto Perez Carrillo

Its hard to think of someone in the cigar industry who is more generous with their time and is able to connect with you on a personal level than Ernesto Perez Carrillo. Ernesto is one of my favorite people to interview whether thats at IPCPR, Texas Cigar Festival or even a local event in Maryland. He has so much knowledge of the industry and such a supporter of what we do here at Stogie Review. Ernesto takes time away from his busy booth to give us the run down on all the things he is working on. Core Line and New Wave Connecticut extensions, Limitada 2011 selling out, Maduro using a beautiful broadleaf wrapper. how the New Wave Connecticut got it’s name, possible end of the Short Run series and other projects Ernesto and family are working on.


4 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011 – Ernesto Perez Carrillo

  1. Ernesto seems like such a great guy. He comes across as humble and at the same time excited about his company and proud of his products. No tatoos, flashy motorcycles or babes needed to sell his cigars. Just quietly produces great products. Great interview Brian!

  2. When Mr. Carrillo said he was excited, I wanted to respond back at him and say “I’m Excited!” I have thoroughly enjoyed every cigar that bares his name with the exception of the New Wave Connecticut, I am unable to speak on it, because I have yet to try it! But once I get my hands on it, something tells me I will not be disappointed. Brian thanks for the interview with one of my favorite master cigar maker!

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