IPCPR 2011 – Room101 Cigars

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IPCPR 2011 – Room101 Cigars

We needed to rebound with Matt Booth after last year’s less than entertaining interview at IPCPR. Matt Booth gives us an introduction to new sizes in last year’s LTD series, along with his new Room101 Cigars LTD Namakubi Limited Edition release for this year. He also shows us his new Connecticut wrapped cigar that has been making some buzz. Seeing as he gets the wrapper from Davidoff, it has some high expectations. We even discuss the future of the original release of Room101 Cigars. Matt, even takes his turn behind the camera and flips the camera on us.


19 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011 – Room101 Cigars

  1. I like that Matt Booth. He seems like a good guy. Plus his lighters and rings are really bad ass.

  2. I gotta say the only reason I watched this video is because of how much I disliked the last video with him and because of how poorly he rubbed me last year. He came off much better this year, He actually seems much more focussed than douchey. He seems ultra motivated to merge his two passions and I respect that a lot more than how he came at it last year. I probably will try a couple of his smokes just because he came off so much better this year, This video doesn’t make me want to smoke another room 101, but his other lines are fair game I guess.

  3. Definitely a better video this time around. Although I must admit, the whole flashy gimmick does nothing for me. Very Gurkha-ish.

  4. Would love to see a review from someone who has actually smoked one of these cigars. If this is Stogie Review, shouldnt the reviewers actually review the cigar rather than talk about expectations? Seems even those who comment focus only on the guy, not on the cigars. Feels to me like a bunch of haters who dont really know cigars or Matt (neither do I, but he seems nice). Ill check out some of the other blogs to find someone more reliable that actually reviews cigars.

    1. Sam – Thanks for the comment. Realize that outside of samples attained from the IPCPR trade show, Matts new releases arent available. So reviews you do find may not be the best cigars to base a solid review on since they sat out in a non-humidified environment.

      The point of these interviews is to get the word out so that consumers can look for them when they hit shelves.

      1. Mango – I’ve only been in the cigar business for a couple years, but didn’t know it was customary among smokers to call a lady a douche. If I had known such misogynists comprise the readership of Stogie Review, I would have never visited this site in the first place. Thanks for the eye-opener!

        Don – thanks for the information. It just seemed to me that everyone here is more concerned about Matt and whether or not they like him, not really about his cigars. I understand how IPCPR works and realize not everything is available, however, I don’t know what impression of the cigars retailers will get by reading a bunch of comments about whether or not Matt’s a douche and has manicured eyebrows.

        1. Didn’t know you were a lady, so my apologies. Would not have added that last comment if I had been aware of that. While I have no problem calling out a guy, my mama taught me better than to talk to a lady like that. So again, my apologies.

  5. I smoked the Namakubi about a month ago and I was not disappointed. After I smoked it, Matt and I had unicorn races and tied bows out of banana peels. It was a very surreal moment that I wish you could all have been a part of.

    I smoked another Namakubi last week at the show out of the humidor and it was just as good as the first one. There were no unicorns on hand this time around, but I did kick a midget in the knee.

  6. Well Walt just gave a very thorough review of the Ro 101 cigar lime and I happen to enjoy that cigar for what it’s worth.

  7. Personally I found the original 101 line to be one of the absolute worst cigars I have ever smoked — leaving me no desire to ever revisit the line. Close-minded perhaps, but the 101 I smoked was so bad that it is hard for me to get past that.

  8. Haha Beaver! I guess everyone has their Equus or Miami Knuckle cigar. 🙂 For me it’s the TCC Corojo Cubano.

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