IPCPR 2011 – EO Brands

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IPCPR 2011 – EO Brands

Some developing themes I’m seeing at this year’s IPCPR. The 6×60 size continues with the smaller corona and petite corona starting to catch on. Lots of use of Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper and lots of Connecticut Shade wrappers. I say this now as a preview to EO Brands. EO Brands went with a new look to their 601 bands last year when they first moved distribution to Rocky Patel. After a less than enthusiastic reaction, the bands were changed again to a much more welcoming reception. I tried a pre-release of the 601 La Bomba and its definitely a flavor and strength bomb that after hearing Erik Espinosa talk about how the La Bomba was the strongest most full bodied cigar at the show, I had to nod my head in agreement. Also Erik shows us the new 601 Natural and some new sizes to the Murcielago line. I gotta say, I was disappointed that Brian didn’t ask anything about the Cubao and Cubao Maduro lines.


3 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011 – EO Brands

  1. Looking forward to truing both new 601s and I have my first Murcielago in my humi to try this weekend.

  2. Smoked my first La Bomba last night and Holy Mother of Christ that thing was strong. Hands down the strongest cigar I’ve ever smoked and I smoke em all. Litto Gomez, La Flor, Camacho, Anejos, Opus X etc…This thing was spicy, peppery and strong. I loved it

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