IPCPR 2011 – Pinar Del Rio Cigars (PDR)

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IPCPR 2011 – Pinar Del Rio Cigars (PDR)

As Brian Hewitt says, “And we are moving…” onto Abe Flores of Pinar Del Rio Cigars or PDR. Lots of interesting new stuff from Abe. I’ll admit its tough for me to find Abe’s stuff locally so I’m not as familiar with his lines as Walt is. New things from the show are a PDR 1878 Natural with a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper (told you lots of Connecticut wrappers from the show), PDR 1878 Oscuro aka Holiday Blend which is now a full release, a PDR 1878 Habano limited to 1,500 boxes and last but not least…all ligero filler cigar? One thing I’m not sure of and I wish I was there to ask, why the emphasis of having two binders? I’ve heard other manufacturers say they use two binders but I’ve never really understand what it adds to a cigar? Anyone know?


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