Women of IPCPR (2011)

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Women of IPCPR (2011)

Women of IPCPR 2011 - 1

Each year we try to bring you the best of what IPCPR has to offer. As you have seen so far, Jerry and Brian have put together a whirlwind of awesome videos for our following. In addition to the annual video coverage of IPCPR, we like to put together a post showing off the lovely ladies of the show.

This year Brian set forth on the trade show floor, camera in hand, and took as many pictures as he could without being that creepy guy with the camera (Mike currently holds that position). Those photos can be viewed by clicking on the Flickr slideshow below.

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4 thoughts on “Women of IPCPR (2011)

  1. Some gorgeous women in there. As a hookah nut as well as a cigar nut I have to wonder, what did they give out as freebies in the Fantasia booth? They can’t expect most people to have a hookah and the average cigar smoker isn’t the average Fantasia customer. We tend more toward real tobacco.

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