Quesada Q D’etat Howitzer

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Quesada Q D’etat Howitzer


The Quesada Q D’etat Howitzer has been on my list to smoke since I reviewed the Molotov back in April. By now you know that the Q D’etat Series was created as a protest against increased restrictions on cigar smoking and higher tobacco taxes. The Howitzer, a massive 6×60, represents the second of three releases in the Q D’etat Series. Maybe I missed an episode of Weekly News over at Halfwheel but I still haven’t heard any details about the third release.

Video runs around 10:30 minutes. I won’t beat around the bush. I didn’t find the Howitzer very impressive and the size worked against it. The Howitzer starts off peppery and a little spicy to open up your palate but after the initial “shock and aw” subsided I was left waiting. I got an occasional spattering of sweet earthy and woodsy notes but nothing that was consistent or intense enough to keep my interest. This is where the 6×60 size always fails for me. You have to have rich flavors and/or a lot of complexity in a 6×60. The Molotov was an odd size but it was complex, rich, kept you on your toes with its shifting palate sensations and engaging. None of that was found in the Quesada Q’Detat Howitzer.


All because I didn’t like a cigar doesn’t mean you won’t. So I’m giving away one (1) Quesada Q’Detat Howitzer, one (1) Quesada Q’Detat Molotov, one (1) Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada, one (1) Stogie Review Travel Humidor and one (1) HumidorNotes.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment.

Winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends at 12pm EST on Monday, June 11, 2012.


66 thoughts on “Quesada Q D’etat Howitzer

  1. Hi Jerry,

    Sounds like Howitzer was more shock and “aw” than shock and awe. I too think the 6×60 is a flavor-killing format. I smoked the Manuel Quesada Tributo Manolin (6.5 x 60). Decent flavors but much better I suspect in a robusto or corona size.

  2. I am a fan of larger ring gauge by default, as i prefer the longer smoke time. unfortunately, smoke time just isn’t that simple, although i find myself trying the larger ring gauge in a series first, to see where it stands. I liked the Undercrown 6×52, but the 6×60 was spotty, like this one…

    thanks for the review – i’m sure i’ll give it a shot, but will look for opportunities to get it on the cheap…

    nice band though… classy yet not too flashy for something with a name like Howitzer…

  3. Just bought one of the Quesada Q’Detat Molotovs. Looking forward to trying it. Haven’t seen this anywhere yet, so maybe I’ll win it!!

  4. I admire the honesty of your reviews. I hope the manufacturers do, too, and don’t stop providing you with new products to review when you honestly say a stogie hasn’t impressed. Then, on top of everything, you have a contest. Excellent!

    1. No worries about not sending Jerry samples. His reviews are always presented in a professional manner and he’s not going to like every cigar we make. If he does, that probably means we decided to bribe him in Domus Magnus boxes. Thanks again for the review, Jerry. We appreciate your honest opinion.

  5. I would love to try it. I’m a fan of the larger sticks, maybe because it generally gives me more time alone with my cigar.

  6. Hi Jerry,thanks for your honest opinion, and you said it best, it my be a good smoke to some one else. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the Molotov! Would love to win another box.

    In general I’m really starting to warm to Quesada.

  8. I enjoyed my box of the Molotov, but the Howitzer is pretty much an automatic skip due to the size.

  9. Nice review Jerry. Appreciate your honesty and entertaining as always.

    I had this cigar over the weekend and my thoughts are the same as your’s. It just didn’t work. I know 6×60 sells and the perceived “value” that I’m getting so much tobacco but it was as you said, flat.

  10. I haven’t come across any Quesadas yet. I am also not much of a fan of the 60RG cigars. Thanks for the honest take.

  11. Great Review from the Great Belicoso….not quite as pointy

    Been dying to get my hands on the molotov since its review, but local shops all out or dont carry. Heres hoping i hit the Quesada jackpot.

  12. Nice review Cruzado! I always love how you guys don’t act like experts and leave room open to be wrong about a cigar and leaving it up to us to decide. One of the downsides to doing an actual number rating system which I’m glad you guys don’t do.

  13. I’m with you on the 6×60 format. The only one of that size that I enjoyed was the Padron 1964 Smoke Inn exclusive. I also enjoyed the Molitov very much.
    Welcome Back from Nicaragua.

  14. I’m almost done with 6×60’s. I reach for anything but. I still don’t get why they’re so popular.

  15. I have really stayed away from 6×60 except bonfire parties where beer and good conversation are more important than nuances of taste in a cigar. Plus the 6×60 will make sure you don’t have to light up a second. Good write up Jerry.

  16. Hey, been watching here for quite some time, just trying to really get into cigars and learn as much as I can. I find everything about cigars really interesting and enjoy having them too. Being out in Vegas there isn’t as much selection as I am sure there is in the rest of the country, being that it is so hot and dry out that it becomes really difficult to keep cigars in small stores. But great review, I always enjoy coming here to watch a video or two, or read a review at the end of the night when things are winding down. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see what you pull out of your hat next. Have a great day/night/whenever you see this.

  17. I have not had any of the Queada brands so why not push my luck, I do like the Casa Magna’s & and I have been wanting my own Humidor Notes.

    Now to suck up a bit, glad you like the Ortega D’s Eddie really has a winner here, also glad you reviewed the Master I have a couple I have been sitting on, might have to break one out and smoke it soon.

    Thanks as always for the contest.

  18. Perhaps the Howitzer will be more enjoyable at the low, low price of free. I haven’t met too many free cigars that I didn’t enjoy!

  19. I’d try anything (except infused), at least once! With the name Quesada or Casa Magna, I’d probably end up calling it a favorite… Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. I have never tried any Quesada cigars but have wanted to for a while now. I also love the domus magnus it’s become a favorite

  21. Godfather of blog nice fair review…6×60 just doesn’t make sense to me…is a 54 not big enough? I know it “to each their own” but I don’t see how that size helps, besides mellowing the flavors. Teaches bad cigar habits IMO. I really need to try quesada brands …just haven’t smoked more then the magna

  22. I’ve had the above Casa Magna. It was okay, but I was too excited to see them and smoked it too wet from the B&M.

  23. I live in the UK but I am still putting a F**king comment in! Just because I am British does not make me any less of a man…Come on, lets win this F**king thing for The Queen…

    Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves

    God bless you Ma’am.

  24. I didn’t care for this cigar either and I don’t hate 6×60’s like you do. You are right, the blend just doesn’t fit the size. Thanks for honest review and contest.

  25. Give me a corona, lonsdale, lancero or even the humble robusto every time! Slowly the boutique makers are reversing the trend. Bigger ain’t better, it’s just bigger. Stogie Review is leading the charge back to sanity (except Mike). Hang in there!

  26. I find it impressive that you and your compadres at SR will still give a less than stellar stick a less than stellar review. Understanding of course that one man’s dog rocket is another man’s go to smoke. As far as sizes go Corona ish 42-48 ring gauge is still the best size for a good cigar, more often than not. IMHO

  27. Thanks for another great review Jerry. Never really have been a fan of any 60 ring gauge cigars. Just not my style.

  28. Quesada is hit and miss for me. I’ll try anything once, except crack. I hate chapped lips.

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