CI Legends Giveaway

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CI Legends Giveaway

Welcome fans of Stogie Review to the giveaway I promised for the CI Legends Series of cigars.

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Links to all the reviews in the series:

White Label
Blue Label
Red Label
Green Label
Green Label – Jerry’s Review
Yellow Label
Yellow Label – Jerry’s Review
Maroon Label
Purple Label
Purple Label – Jerry’s Review
Orange Label
Orange Label – Jerry’s Review
Copper Label
Copper Label – Jerry’s Review
Black Label
Black Label – Jerry’s Review

There you have it in a nice short list of clickable links.

Now if you watched the video you already know what to do to enter the contest to win a 15-count travel humidor, 10 pack sampler of the CI Legends, a Humidor Notes single book, and a Black Ops cutter. If you have not watched the video you must tell me exactly how many times I mentioned the word “cigar” in all the videos.

Just kidding, tell me which one you would be most interested in trying and you will be entered.

You should still watch the video though.

This contest will run until Saturday June 16th at midnight. I will announce the winner in the post and I will email the winner (so make sure you use a valid email) on Sunday June 17th.

Congratulations to Rob for this comment…

The maroon label. Haven’t smoked them all, but the maroon stands out.

You have won the contest. Email sent.

Thank you to all who entered.

I am just me.

79 thoughts on “CI Legends Giveaway

  1. I’ve tried all but the Red Label Perdomo, so I’d have to say that one. Really glad you did these reviews. Had I not tried them already, I would have after this.

    1. I am most interested in the yellow label since its made by Pepin and everything made by him is good. Ive tried a few of these and did not enjoy them but I didnt try the yellow label.

  2. Great reviews. I’ve never tried any of the Legends. I think I would like to try the Red Label after reading through all of the reviews.

  3. Great, and strangely addicting, series of reviews Mike! I would like to try the orange label. I haven’t had a cigar from Don Pepin that I didn’t enjoy.

  4. I would be most interested in the Yellow Label. I’m going to have ot win one of these damned contests sometime, lol. If you have to ask whether to cut your hair, don’t do it – get it done when YOU feel it’s right, and screw anyone else who thinks they have the right to rule your life. Thanks for the generous giveaway, my friend.

  5. Purple label, based on the reviews it seems to be most suited for my taste. But I haven’t smoked any of the legends and they all look tasty

  6. The yellow label sounds the most interesting to me. After reading through the reviews several of them sound worthwhile.

  7. Thanks again for the wonderful review of the CI Legends series! I thoroughly enjoyed your review of the entire lineup, and now this is a very comprehensive review of the Cigars International Legends line. After watching your reviews I am most interested in trying the CI Legends “Red Label” by Perdomo. I really enjoy Maduro’s and the Red Label looks like a great value cigar that I could stash away in my humidor and go to on a regular basis. Also I really want to try the Red Label because I have yet to actually try a Perdomo stick… I am about one year into smoking cigars and building a collection. I am also really interested in giving the Orange label a try as well because I am a huge Rocky Patel fan. Do not cut your hair unless your wife tells you to! I always say go with what the ladies want, but I think it is your signature style and screw any haters that say otherwise. Thanks again for a great extensive review of the CI Legends line, we all appreciate your hard work, AND your videos help us all make cigar selections.

  8. I’ve enjoyed the Legends series you guys have done. It’s a tough life and someone’s got to do it!
    I generally like Perdomo cigars and the “Red” sounds like it would do it for me.
    I’ve got to agree with Dave (above). You’re obviously thinking about a cut, and, if your good lady says do it, then do it.. She spends more time looking at you than you do. Unless you spend hours preening in front of the mirror!

  9. I think the maroon label sounds the most appealing to me. I haven’t had any of the CI labels yet so I would probably start there.

  10. great reviews on all the ones you have done in the past weeks! i think i would have to try all of them because i havent tried them at all?

  11. Great reviews. The only legend I’ve tried is the Gray (Cusano), which is discontinued. Come to think of it, I still have maybe 4 or 5 buried in my humidor… probably napping for 3 years or so. Maybe time to pull one out and give it another try, as the first time around it wasn’t that appealing.

    I think I would like to try the Yellow next. Thanks for the contest!

  12. I think the I would be most interested in the white label. My local shop used to carry the Camacho when I first started smoking but I never tried one because I thought they would be too strong for me. Now they don’t seem to stock them anymore.

  13. Based on my experience and these reviews, I think only the White Label would appeal to me. I have only had the Blue and Red and like your review…meh! Would consider the White if I can pick up a single or in a sampler.

  14. Although the yellow would be interesting, I would probably most like to try the white label out of the pack. I have tried the red label before and would say they are good sticks for the price. Thanks for the reviews Mike.

  15. I have not tried any of the Legends. But would like to have the opportunity to try them out. Thanks for your reviews always.

  16. I’d have to go with the Yellow Pepin. I love everything Liga Privada, so I thought about the Copper until I realized it was an ACID/Natural with a sweetened cap. IPepin has rarely if ever disappointed me before, so I’d go with him first!

  17. I have to try the Yellow Label from Pepin Garcia. That man does right by me. I’m also interested in the Copper Label by Drew Estate simply because I enjoy so many of their “normal” cigars.

  18. Only had the yellow….great value stick….I would say trim the lettuce just cause its less maintenance…up to u though…will give u more time to smoke though!

  19. I’d like to give the yellow label a try. I love most of DPG’s stuff. Nice job reviewing all of these Mike. Always enjoy your take on different cigars.

  20. Thanks for the reviews.I would have to go with Drew Estate I’m really digging his work right now.

  21. thanks for another great review, you guys do a great job and i am always following you guys to see what i should try out next. After watching this review i am very eager to try all of the above. The CI legends look like a great group of cigars, i would have to go with the“Red Label” by Perdomo.I really enjoy Maduro’s and the Red Label looks like a great value cigar that I could stash away IN MY NEW travel humidor j/k i never win anything anyway 🙁 (guilt trip guilt trip) lol. thanks again and keep up the great reviews men!!!

  22. Basedn on your reviews I would like to try the Red label. Thank for the contest and the reviews.

  23. I would like to try either the Yellow label or Black label as I’m a fan of both Don Pepin and La Aurora.

  24. I’d love to try the yellow Don Pepin is one of my favorite cigar blenders. Thanks for the chance to try them all.

  25. My favorite so far is the Red Label by Perdomo. I’m looking forward to trying the Yellow Label by Don Pepin and also the Copper Label from Drew Estates.

  26. I have yet to try any of the legends but after reading the reviews I might just have to grab some. I would most like to try red and copper. Crossing my fingers for the prize 🙂

  27. I’d like to try the Red Label the most, but if I win the prize I promise to try them all!


    1. I’d most like to try the White Label (Comacho). I’ve tried almost every other Comacho cigar, and have loved them. I’ve tried the red (Perdomo), purple (Graycliff), copper (Drew Estate), and orange (Rocky Patel) and have throughly enjoyed them all.

  28. If I had to choose I would try the red one. The only one I’ve had so far has been the copper label, which was ok but the sweet tip is a little over the top for me.

  29. Ok……great reviews!! Now since no one else did it, I went ahead and watched all the videos and counted ALL the time you & Jerry said the word “Cigar or Cigars”

    White Label (Camacho) – 8
    Red Label (Perdomo) – 3
    Green Label (Puros Indios) 5 & Jerry – 42
    Yellow Label (Don Pepin Garcia) – 4 & Jerry – 24
    Maroon Label (Nestor Placensia – 5
    Purple Label (Graycliff) – 2 & Jerry – 40
    Orange Label (Rocky Patel) – 1 (WOW!!!) & Jerry – 29
    Copper Label (Drew Estate) – 14 & Jerry – 57!!!!
    Black Label (La Aurora) – 4 & Jerry – 17

    Thank you very much for the contest, I am very interested in trying the White Label (Camacho) and 2nd is the Yellow Label (Don Pepin Garcia).

    Really interested in those Humidor Notes.

    Stay Smoking!

  30. The guys at the cigar shop I go to call me a “Pepin Whore” because I smoke so many of his cigars, or cigars he blends. So I’m most interested in the Yellow Label.

    Oh, keep the long hair!!

  31. Havent tried any of them as i normally dont buy from CI, but would like to try the Pepin yellow and teh Drew Copper, according to their site, its the top seller, and although dont go for acid cigars, im quite fond on the tabak especial…..thorough review on the set Mike, i say go bald!!!

  32. Wow, I think I’m the 50th., to state my choice, and the only one to pick ”Green”, O well some one has to be first. Thanks for the contest.

  33. Thanks for all the reviews guys!!I have yet to try anything from the C.I. labels so. I tend to lean more to the med. to full on the flavor profiles and I tend to favor cigars sporting maduro wrappers.
    Mike , as for the hair , be glad you have a full head of it!!!!!if you cut it and don`t like it just remember , it will grow back! If you`re lucky!!!!
    Thanks guys!!

  34. Definitely the Yellow Label! I really enjoyed your coverage of this series. It has been around for a long time and it is affordable. Nice smokes to take on a vacation.

  35. I’ve had the Yellow, Green, and copper labels. Out of all the rest I’d like most to try the White label. Also, I think definitely keep the hair. It’s your look, it makes you stand out.

  36. The Copper intrigued me; I like the non-flavord (infused) Drew Estate products. Then, I read your reivew. I still might try one, but, to tell the truth, there are plenty of stogies on my “need to try” list that are competitvely priced with the Legends. The Legends just barely make the list.

  37. I will try all of them starting with the White Label (Camacho).


    If your chosen profession is cool with your hair then don’t cut it. I cut all of mine off a long long time ago and every once in a while I wish I had it back.

  38. Good job Mike. Based on your reviews I want to try the White. About the hair, you know I hate you right, but you have to do what works for you brother. I personally strive for low maintenance so I gave up the long hair years ago. Now I shave my head which is lower maintenance but still takes some work. The man thing to remember about asking for advice, the person you sleep with has the most valuable opinion.

  39. I would love to try the “Copper Label”. Thanks for running the contest and doing the reviews on all of the Legends Series.

  40. I’m most excited about the Yellow Label. I am imagining having this one with or after a nice steak.
    Steak au poivre anyone?

    As far as your hair…I would say give it some more volume.
    My wife has gotten a brazilian blowout which actually gives hair some nice body because of the keratin treatment so I would recommend getting one of those.

  41. Looking forward to trying the Copper Label cigar. I have heard many great things about it from my friends. Well………it would have been nice if they bought me one to smoke with them, but that’s ok….if I win; I’ll keep these cigars all to myself. Sorry friends. Thanks for having a contest for all of us. Long ashes!

  42. Mike:

    1) As far as my contest entry is concerned (and having watched several of the videos), I would most like to try a few sticks of the CI Legends Maroon Label, and;

    2) “Your wig is you gig” – while this expression is perhaps widely understood to mean that your expertise and knowledge will earn you a living, I am thinking that this phrase also applies here literally. Unless you are wanting to cut your hair for personal reasons, don’t do it.

  43. I am most anticipating the orange label as I have been craving some good Pepin sticks lately. And shave it dude!!!

  44. I’ve really been wanting to try the CI Legends Copper Label by Drew Estate because I have been methodically working my way through all of the Drew Estate offerings and do not yet have any of these in my collection.

    Thanks for the contest! 🙂
    ~ Nathan

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