Blanco Cigar Co (IPCPR 2012)

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Blanco Cigar Co (IPCPR 2012)

One person we couldn’t find at last year’s IPCPR in Las Vegas was David Blanco of Los Blanco Cigars. Little did we know that David was busy taking care of his obligations as a reservists in the military. One of the most noticeable changes since we last talked to David was a slight name change to Blanco Cigar Co along with moving his operations from Chicago to Tampa Bay. Catching up with David Blanco was fun as he takes us through those changes as well as couple of his new releases.


4 thoughts on “Blanco Cigar Co (IPCPR 2012)

  1. Great to hear Davids comment on bloggers. Echoed by us viewers of Stogie Review who without we would never know about some cigars. Thanks David.

  2. David is always such a fun guy to talk to. I’m a big fan of the Nine and look forward to trying his new stick (I think I have a Maduro floating around here somewhere)

  3. Walt,

    Love the Nine too! I bought it on your review of it a couple of years ago. You guys have worked hard and put together a lot of IPCPR coverage. Much appreciated.


  4. The Nine is one of my favorite cigars, especially in Lancero. David is a great guy; I haven’t met him, but have corresponded with him.

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