Ortega Cigars (IPCPR 2012)

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Ortega Cigars (IPCPR 2012)

For those of you who know Eddie Ortega you will agree that whenever you see him, he always has a warm smile on his face to greet you and an infectious laugh. It is that warm smile that always has you cheering for him. He’s another one of the good guys in the industry who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. We spend time with Eddie as he brings us up to date on his successful Serie D line as well as what to look forward to in the future…Dirty Dozen?


3 thoughts on “Ortega Cigars (IPCPR 2012)

  1. Eddie is the Most down to earth, Regular working guy you will ever meet , if he puts his name on a cigar you bet its a amazing Smoke i know i am on my 3rd box and waiting Patiently for the other stuff he hides up his sleeve
    also Eddie i am waiting for you to come to NY ….

  2. Love it. Cool interview guys. Working with Eddie has been a wild ride. Very down-to-earth and super cool. The Wild Bunch, while limited, is going to be amazing. Eddie’s blends rock and you can count on the fact that these blends will be excellent.

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