Curivari Cigars (IPCPR 2012)

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Curivari Cigars (IPCPR 2012)

I’ve hard lots of people talking about Curivari Cigars over the past six months or so but we didn’t know too much about them or their cigars. Luckily Brian Hewitt was able to visit their booth and find out all about them and their cigars.


9 thoughts on “Curivari Cigars (IPCPR 2012)

  1. Awesome! Great interview! This is the first video I’ve seen with them. I’ve only tried a couple of the lines so far, but have actually been VERY impressed. Solid and unique cigars with a definite Cubanesque feel. I’ll definitely be trying all the lines and probably getting a few boxes … I LOVE that they come in 10-count boxes!

  2. That was a fantastic video. Did they say when the new cigar is coming out. I thought it was fantastic that you covered such a great company. They’re cigars are out of this world you should checkem out

  3. Thanks for the review. HIs passion and explanantion of the blends is great.

    I got a few of these cigars after watching Walt’s review in 2010 and impressed with the quality from this unknown company. This is one of my favorite ‘new’ cigars in the past couple of years and glad to see they will have new releases.

  4. I’m sure the cigars are great, but they’ve got to get a new spokesperson. This guy is the biggest bore I’ve ever heard.

  5. I heard great things about this brand on a Dogwatch podcast interview and got some. Very good smokes all around. El Gran Rey in my favourite so far. I liked the speaker actually, it wasn’t some cheesy sell, it felt genuine and informative.

  6. It’s the pitch of his voice that is off-putting I guess. I expect to hear him sound like Antonio Banderas, but it’s Antonia.

  7. I don’t care. Small company, great cigars and appeared knowledgable and a creative guy. Not all companies have dynamic and well spoken frontmen.

  8. Sorry to bump an old one, but I was asking around on a couple of forums about why we don’t know anything about Curivari. Somebody pointed me to this video (I don’t remember who it was). So, great video, but 1.The guy’s name is Andreas? Andreas Curivari? And 2. He’s not ready to tell the Curivari story until later? I don’t understand that at all. Oh well, I will keep enjoying Curivari- they are making some great sticks.

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