Diesel Grind (Short Ashes)

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Diesel Grind (Short Ashes)

Diesel Grind Cigar Review

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I was struck with the desire to take a ride out to the new Cigars International Superstore in Hamburg, PA. Being in such close proximity to Cabela’s, I was a little afraid of what I might encounter with Black Friday Madness in full swing.

Cabin Fever won out over wanting to avoid crowds and traffic but, before I left the house, I reached out to our very own Jerry Cruz. I was curious if he had any suggestions for Cigars International product to review (Your certainly can’t argue the success of his Man O War Review). Jerry suggested that I continue with the Diesel Series to follow up my review of the Diesel Unholy Cocktail.

I was in a position of indifference with the Diesel brand after the Unholy Cocktail review. It wasn’t a bad cigar but it wasn’t very memorable either. I was skeptical of setting myself up to smoke a series of cigars when the start was a bit rocky. Despite my concerned, I took Jerry’s advice and began the drive to Cigars International.

The cigar which kicks off this series is the Diesel Grind. I wasn’t aware of it when I smoked this cigar but, apparently the Grind is an In-Store only item. The fact that it isn’t available online takes some of the wind out of my sails, so to speak.

What makes up for it being in-store online, sort of, is that if you have to drive an hour to purchase a box, it will be worth it. The Diesel Grind isn’t an overly complex cigar. It isn’t going to make you melt into your chair while puffing on the awe that is the Grind. What this cigar is, though, is just a great cigar. It is an excellent compliment to day to day life.

I don’t mean to get too excited over the Diesel Grind but it won me over completely. I went from being indifferent to the Diesel product line to being excited about trying others within the line. Check out the video below if you’d like to see me gush over this cigar some more.

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8 thoughts on “Diesel Grind (Short Ashes)

  1. Hi Walt,
    I have ben a fan of yours for some time. I find your reviews compatible with my own. I’m writing to say that I find your mobile reviews not as enjoyable as your stationary models. Perhaps it’s my age, but the format is distracting. Just one man’s feedback. I’ll still be tuning in.

    1. Gene,
      Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, with my time being as tight as it has been, I’ve had to sneak in a review whenever I can. On a Friday afternoon, while running errands, is the best I could do as of late.

      I’ll try to work in more ‘stationary’ reviews but for right now, I can’t make any promises.

      Again, thanks for the feedback.

  2. i dont live near a ci store. could you give the information for the other store that you mentioned that sell these?

    1. Marty,
      What I thought was a store is actually a wholesale distributor (Meier and Dutch). This means that the cigars are in more than just Cigars International, I just have no idea who may carry them.

      if you have a small B&M near you, it might be worth going in to talk to them. Cigars international is a wholesale distributor as well (one shop near me buys through them to stock their store). If they have an account with CI or Meire and Dutch, they may be able to get them in for you.

      Sorry I couldn’t have been more help. I’m kind of bummed out that these cigars aren’t more widely available. Perhaps someone will stumble onto this review and be able to pass along a source.

  3. Interesting review Walt. I love the unholy cocktail and short but the d.# cigars not so much. The Grind sounds up my alley though and a good price point.

  4. Walt, I really enjoyed this review. We were just at the Hamburg store a few weeks back. a crowd of us were convoying back to SC after Hurricane Sandy and some of the guys wanted to hit CI and some wanted to hit Cabela’s. I hate I missed the grind while I was there because I enjoy most of AJ’s blends. I have to add that I was a little disappointed in the pricing and selection I found at this location. I had a young guy with me that had asked for some suggestions and they had very few of them.

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