Cabaiguan (Short Ashes)

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Cabaiguan (Short Ashes)

Cabaiguan Cigar Review

Early this week Jerry was kind enough to send me a package of cigars to enjoy. I wasted no time in turning them to smoke and ash. Suddenly it dawned on me, perhaps I should turn some of these sticks into ‘Short Ashes’ Cigar Reviews and revisit some of the smokes we have reviewed in the past?

The bad news is that I put a serious hurtin’ on the package of cigars before the idea hit me. The good news is that Jerry sent a bunch of cigars my way and I have plenty left to review.

First up in the Short Ashes lineup is the Cabaiguan by Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars. It has been quite a while since I smoked my last Cabaiguan but I seemed to remember it as being medium bodied with a creamy finish. In other words, a perfect pairing for a steaming cup of coffee.

With a cup of WaWa Columbian Coffee at the ready, I set flame to foot and got started. The initial puff was robust and gave me second thoughts about smoking the cigar first thing in the morning. The body settled out in short order and the smoke was wonderful. The flavor profile was a blend of wood, nuts, creaminess, and an occasional sour note.

I had a couple of small construction issues but they were more cosmetic than anything else. The wrapper popped in two instances but I was able to burn through them without issue. I also ran into a couple of tiny tunnels which reduced the smoke volume temporarily.

While the Cabaiguan is not my favorite Tatuaje Cigar, I wouldn’t hesitate to revisit it in the future. If I was presented with that impossible task of only selecting one Tatuaje, I woud reach for the La Casita Criolla, over the Cabaiguan, without hesitation.

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7 thoughts on “Cabaiguan (Short Ashes)

  1. WAWA? haven’t seen a WAWA since i left new jersey….and the cabaiguan does go well with coffee.

  2. Nice short ashes review. This is actually a “Cabaiguan Guapos”, with the sungrown wrapper. The regular “Cabaiguan” label is a Conn Shade.

    Try these in the 54-ring size (looks exactly like a Cohiba Behike 54). That’s the champ by far, imvho, and even better with age.

  3. Great to see ya reviewing Walt. Never tried. Get your hands on a tatuaje black Lancero…think it would be right up your alley

  4. I have had many burn and construction problems with the Cabaiguan. It was like the second brand from Tatuaje that I had ever tried and it really turned me away from Tatuaje. I just think that the smaller sized offerings from tat are much better. La Casita Criolla and El Triunfidor are by far my favorite cigars of all time.

  5. Hey Walt,
    I am a frequent customer of JM Cigars in Exton. They have a very safe selection, nothing special. I have come across a hidden gem in Newtown Square,Pa. Its called Total Tobacco. This store is fantastic. Many Boutique blends along with super premium and a wide variety of Tatuaje. I would like to add that this store is managed by Gary Griffith oh House Of Emilio Cigars. Met him at this store on 2 occasions and he is a wonderful guy. He stated to me that because of the 26 other stores he manages and who he knows in the industry he has great purchasing power. He can get anything he wants to carry. Just thought id let you know. Also, These commercials that interrupt the reviews are ruining this website. I know you need to pay the bills but its very annoying to the viewer when the review stops for an ad. Please come up wth a better format. Thank you.

    1. Kevin,
      I used to shop at JM Cigars but haven’t been there in years, it’s too far away (honestly, if I were going to drive that far I’d rather go to Top Shelf in Skippack). I’ve met Gary but I haven’t been to any of his stores.

      I’m not sure what you’re referring to about ads interrupting the review. There should be one ad (30 seconds) before the review starts and one ad after the review is finished. We don’t have ‘Commercial Breaks’ setup. There are overlay ads that cover the bottom of the screen, clicking the “X” in the corner of the ad will get rid of it.

      You could also download the review via iTunes and avoid the pre-roll and post-roll ads.


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