Tarazona Cigars event at Genuine Tobacco

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Tarazona Cigars event at Genuine Tobacco

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Welcome to another little interview I had the pleasure to do, this time with Eddie Tarazona of Tarazona Cigars at Genuine Tobacco.

I really have been enjoying these events and if you have a chance to go to your local b&m for any event at all, take the opportunity and go. Great food, people and cigars. I got a chance to talk with Lawrence and even some of the guys from the Harrisburg Cigar Club were there to enjoy the evening.

I hope you get enough information from the video about Tarazona Cigars to determine if it would be something for you would enjoy. I know I enjoyed smoking them and talking with everyone.

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I am just me.

3 thoughts on “Tarazona Cigars event at Genuine Tobacco

  1. Someone should have ran the camera to show what the line looked like …..which was which cigar. Not a stand out interview to get people to look for and buy Tarazona cigars. I have watched every video since the beginning of Stogie review and this the first time I felt I needed to respond. Wish them luck though…..

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