An Afternoon with Christian Eiroa (Part One)

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An Afternoon with Christian Eiroa (Part One)


Christian Eiroa joins us for the latest episode of Draper Dialogue. Today, Christian is identified with his new brand, CLE Cigars. Christian’s story starts way before that, most notably with Camacho Cigars and their famous Corojo tobacco but even before that when Christian would work the fields of his family’s farm in Honduras. Christian shares many colorful stories that span decades. Past, present and future, Christian shares his knowledge and unique journey in the cigar industry.

SR Note – George Brightman is not new to the viewers of Stogie Review. You have seem him over the course of the past year hosting all the episodes of Draper Dialogue. Please give George a warm Stogie Review welcome as an official contributor to Stogie Review. George has over 40 years in the cigar industry. He has done it all from Davidoff to Cigar Aficionado to his current role with W.Curtis Draper. You can look forward to more episodes of Draper Dialogue, cigar reviews and other informative posts by George here on Stogie Review. – Great Torpedo

6 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Christian Eiroa (Part One)

  1. Great interview. Looking forward to part 2. And WOW! George
    Brightman on Stogie Review! Welcome,welcome,welcome! Looking
    forward to seeing your reviews.

  2. AMAZING!!! Get cracking Jerry! I need Part 2 ASAP!

    George I’m happy to hear we will be getting more insight from you. I think this is a game changer for SR. Can’t wait!

  3. Love hearing the history and development of the industry! Great stuff! Thanks to SR and Mr. Brightman for bringing these videos!

  4. What an amazing move for Stogie Review! I got to smoke a cigar with George one day when I was visiting D.C. and felt truly honored by the privilege. You have a true legend on board.

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