Upcoming Lighter Reviews Courtesy of Lighters Direct

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Upcoming Lighter Reviews Courtesy of Lighters Direct

Lighters from LightersDirect

Last week I received an email from our friend Steven at Lighters Direct. If you aren’t familiar with Lighters Direct, you really should be as they are one of the longest running sponsors we’ve had here on Stogie Review.

The email from Steven was a heads up that a few lighters were headed my way and that I should expect them with the next day or two. Inside the package I would find a couple of Vertigo products that he wanted me to take a look at.

Four lighters, as well as a few cleaning cloths and cutters, have arrived. Rather than dive right into doing reviews, I thought I would put together a bit of a teaser video introducing each lighter. In that video, which you’ll find below, I ask two questions.

1) Which lighter would you like to see reviewed first?
2) Is there anything specific about each lighter that you would like me to pay close attention to?

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5 thoughts on “Upcoming Lighter Reviews Courtesy of Lighters Direct

  1. id do the pivoted vertigo last because i really wanted to see how long that red lasts in the flame. that big torch is cool for table top use and the two small one are cool as well because i is a single action! hmmmm i might have to get all of these lol p.s. dont tell the wife lol

  2. Not sure if I want it reviewed first but, that Lotus really has me interested. It looks like it would be pretty comfortable to hold and easy to start up. Interested in seeing if there are any ignition issues that crop up with that lighter with repeated use (IE: does the button get sticky or does it consistently start up after repeated/heavy use).

    Also, I would think about using that for the car so wondering how that would work out as well.

  3. Good, to-the-point video. Interesting group of lighters. But, I’d go with the Lotus first. It’s a durable brand, and it looks like it has some excellent features. I find that some ot the “off brands” from Lighters Direct and others last about as long as the first tank of fuel, so the Lotus and maybe the Vertigo seem to have the ability to last awhile. And, like you, my “go-to” lighter is a creme brulee torch. Mine is still going strong after 10 years.,

  4. Personally, I go to the local “head shop” (am I dating myself with that term?) and buy their $15 crack pipe torch lighter. Usually they are a large hand held type lighter. They have always worked as well as similar, more expensive brands. Last one I purchased has lasted over 2yrs.

    Guess crack heads can’t abide by bad lighters!!!

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