An Afternoon with Marvin Samel (Part Three)

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An Afternoon with Marvin Samel (Part Three)


Welcome back to another episode of Draper Dialogue. For this episode we got to spend An Afternoon with Marvin Samel of Drew Estate. Marvin has become a bit of a local fixture in the DC area, spending the good part of 2012 living in the area lobbying and walking the halls of Congress on behalf of the entire industry. Marvin and I go back some 15 years when he and Jonathan Drew started with a small kiosk in the World Trade Center in NYC to what eventually will be the Drew Estate that we know today. In this four part series we talk about that history of Drew Estate and the present including Joya de Nicaragua and Willy Herrera.

The next episode of Draper Dialogue is scheduled for Saturday, June 1st where we will be joined by Janny Garcia and Jose Ortega of My Father Cigars. If you plan to be in the DC area stop by W.Curtis Draper Bethesda and be part of the live audience.


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