Women of Cigarnival 2013

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Women of Cigarnival 2013

Two weeks ago, Mike and I attended the 2013 Cigarnival by Famous Smoke Shop. Based on the stats from years past, we went into this event knowing full well that the most popular post, by far, was going to be the one where we show off the Women of Cigarnival.

This year I handed that responsibility off to Mike. While the end result wasn’t as glamorous as Charlie’s Women of IPCPR 2012 Production, I think you’ll enjoy the photos. You may notice a trend in the photos, I think Mike had a favorite girl to photograph.

An interesting side note. I was talking to someone from Famous about the ‘talent’ this year and they went on to explain the process. Apparently, in years past a modeling agency was used and Famous didn’t really have a say in who was going to show up. I’m told that this year they turned to Craigslist and individually interviewed each beer girl. Personally, I think the decision to change tactics worked out well.

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