IPCPR 2013: CAO Cigars

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IPCPR 2013: CAO Cigars

Rick and Ed…Ed and Rick join us again for another year to bring us up to date on the newest releases from CAO Cigars.

This Years IPCPR Coverage Sponsored By
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7 thoughts on “IPCPR 2013: CAO Cigars

  1. LOL, love how it is based on a ford flathead motors but, the dude is wearing a GM styled work shirt lol

  2. Love marketing ..I don’t care is the cigar any good.Hope they put some of that money into the smokes, Please pan down to see the product.

  3. Sorry about that folks. I thought I had spliced in content from the sneak peek video I took. I added a link to that video in the description.

  4. This guy is a horrible salesman. He has no passion for these cigars and even makes some negative statements. When you are selling something, you say NOTHING negative about your product. He is so matter of fact and boring.

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