IPCPR 2013: Cigar Oasis

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IPCPR 2013: Cigar Oasis

We first came across Cigar Oasis at last year’s IPCPR when we found a prototype of their new digital hygrometer that had the shape and feel of the old style analog hygrometers. Even more recently Brian Hewitt reviewed a production unit of the Caliber 4R. At this year’s show we spent some time with them to see what else they have been working on.

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2 thoughts on “IPCPR 2013: Cigar Oasis

  1. I’v had a XL Cigar Oasis Plus for 6 years now & love it. I just replace the water cartridge every year. I’v never had a problem & it always keeps the humidity were I want it. The fan on the unit keeps the humidity consistent all over your Humidor. Love it

  2. That’s a cool idea for a product. But I don’t have the need for one.
    Good job with the coverage guys.

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