IPCPR 2013: Sam Leccia

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IPCPR 2013: Sam Leccia

Every year we have a minor hiccup with IPCPR Coverage. Fortunately, we are past the days of those hiccups being hosting related. This time, unfortunately, they came in the form of Brian’s camera dying. The good news is that it happened right at the end of the interview so I’m told you aren’t missing much.

In this video Sam Leccia talks about his new Black and White lines. In addition, we get word that the old ‘Debut’ (which never made it to market due to legal issues) may pop up sometime in the future.

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3 thoughts on “IPCPR 2013: Sam Leccia

  1. I can say without embarrassment that I’ve never heard of Mr. Leccia before. But these blends sound very interesting. Good to hear there is some KY products in there!

  2. I would like to apologize to the stogie review community. I did some research and was also schooled by an elder on who Leccia is. I now know. Everyone, back to business as usual. Nothing to see here.

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