Yard Gar Season Is Upon Us

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Yard Gar Season Is Upon Us

Yard Gar Reccomendations - Grass

I was beginning to think that it would never happen but, Spring has sprung here in Pennsylvania. Our trees are forming leaves, bushes are bursting with color, and the grass is growing like crazy.

Aside from cigars and drinks outside, Spring is also the time of year when yardwork begins. Anytime this topic comes up in the cigar shop, patrons seem to get this far off look in their eyes as they make recommendations for various Yard Gars. If you aren’t familiar with the term, Yard Gars are cigars that are inexpensive, smoke well, taste okay, but don’t cause too much stress if they wind up falling into a steaming pile of mulch or run over with the lawn mower.

Up until I moved into my current home I wasn’t really able to enjoy a cigar while performing yard work. Something I day dream of doing as I read the garden seeker magazine, it just seems fitting to me to have a cigar and mosey around my land taking care of little things as I go. The lot my house was situated on was about 0.75 acres. Enough for a lawn tractor, unfortunately, the very hilly terrain meant I was stuck with a push mower. Have you ever tried maneuvering a push mower up the side of Mt Everest with a cigar in your mouth? Let me tell you, it isn’t a fun experience.

These days I have roughly 0.85 acres to mow and a lawn tractor to sit on while doing it. Speaking of which, do you have any idea what it costs for genuine Toro parts – made in Mexico? $41 and change for a drive belt at my local Toro service center (thats just the belt, I had to install the damn thing on myself!). Maybe it’s just me but that seems crazy expensive, but I digress…

Now that I can sit my ass in a comfortable chair and buzz around the yard, exerting minimal effort, a cigar has become a nice companion while I work. When I don’t have a four year old sitting in my lap, steering the mower, I like to puff on a medium to full bodied cigar.

With the Yard Gar season upon us, I thought maybe we could spark up a conversation and trade some recommendations on inexpensive cigars to smoke during those down and dirty chores outside.

Walt’s Yard-Gar Recommendations:


What are your favorite Yard Gars?


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11 thoughts on “Yard Gar Season Is Upon Us

  1. Full with a nice price point I’d go with the Big Payback from Room 101 I believe. For a milder one the new Chillin Moose would be a great choice at their $4 a stick price.

  2. I like the Asylum Schizo. Nice rich taste, nice even burn–actually a better burn than many of the Asylum line-up, even in the larger rg. Most in the Schizo line are under $2 per stick. And a mixed filler bundle cigar seems perfect for yard ‘gar duty.

    1. I haven’t tried the Schizo. For the price, I don’t mind mixed filler at all. I’ll have to track a few down and give them a try.

      Thanks for the comment

  3. Torano Loyal, Illusione Rothchilde & Diesel Unholy Cocktail are great in the yard for me. Both hold up to relights and have bold full flavor to nub. Both under 6.00.

    Yard looking great Walt.

    1. I’m guessing it has been more than a year since I’ve smoked the illusive Illusione Rothschild. I seem to remember Dion saying at one point that they were practically a loss leader for him and, as a result, he was being overloaded with orders. I don’t know if the demand has slowed but I still have yet to see them in my area.

      Thanks, the yard is a lot of work but it I usually have a little helper to keep me on track.

    1. Ever since I moved, I haven’t been keeping up with the various Diesel releases (I used to live near one of the CI Superstores). I’ll have to give that one a try.

      Thanks for the comment

  4. You really should for 30$ for a bundle of ten you can’t go wrong I have to keep my out for thing’s like that since there’s no cigar shop.in my town and the closest one is a about 40 min away
    Ps just got the red lion chariots well worth the money for a box not i’m in love with but I might just have a bit of a crush

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