What would you like to see in a Blind Tasting?

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What would you like to see in a Blind Tasting?

Almost a decade ago, I came up with an idea for a Stogie Review Video Series that I thought would be very interesting. The premise was to take the same Blind Review format that the big Cigar Magazines used and put a Stogie Review Twist on it.

The concept was to reach out to friends at cigar companies and get my hands on a few cigars of the same size and shape. I would then remove the bands and present them to a group of people to review in front of a video camera.

With reviewers in the dark as to what they were smoking, it required manufacturers to place a lot of trust into the process. As the host, manufacturers would have to trust in the reviewers to find the good in whatever they sent us. More importantly, Manufacturers would have to trust in their blend. After all, there would be no brand recognition to make up for issues with the cigar.

The first Blind Cigar Review panel that I hosted went very well. An inexpensive Flor de Oliva Bundle was thought to be an expensive smoke and the people participating learned a lot along the way. People liked them so much that I still get asked about hosting more.

“Hey Walt, did you ever consider doing another one of those Blind Tastings here at the shop? Those were really cool…”

With the lack of reps coming through my local shop over the past couple of years and the fact that I haven’t been to an IPCPR Convention in several years, I don’t have the contacts that I used to. Despite that, I’m on the fence about hosting another Blind Cigar Tasting at Gilbertsville Cigar Factory.

Before I commit to hosting another event – I’m going to need some feedback. I need to know exactly what you want to see come out of these reviews. In the past, the videos have been very long (some running for over an hour) and feedback was mixed.

Do you want to watch an hour-long video of guys in my local shop doing a deep dive on a cigar or would you prefer a condensed video featuring six to eight opinions?

If you’d like to look back on what has been done in the past, take a look at the list of cigars down below. Be sure to visit the comment section and tell us what you would like to see.

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8 thoughts on “What would you like to see in a Blind Tasting?

  1. Always had fun and learned a few things.
    Just watched a few of the old videos and seen some faces I haven’t seen in years.

    1. Jim,
      We talked about this last night – not only familiar faces but we all look so much younger. I can’t believe its been so long.

  2. Yes, yes yes!!

    Maybe just talk to your shop owner ( HI CHRIS!) and have them do a deal with a few cigars in it for $10, $20, whatever and have the bands already removed so you can join in without knowing what it is also. That way the shop can still make money and it could set up future blind tastings at the same time.

    It would be cool to see both video formats where you can post the long one and then do a short little wrap-up video that would include opinions from all involved and the big reveal at the end. Heck ask Chris to do the reveal so the camera can be on all of you to get reactions.

    Don’t do limited or hard to find cigars. I hate when you get a joint review and then you can’t find the damn cigar to try it yourself. Do more standard fare you might find at all shops across the nation/world,

    Ask everyone to guess a cigar or even just a manufacturer before the big reveal to see how many people get it right. Always fun to guess and then the other guys/gals can rib the ones who just blow it lol

    Oh there is a thought – get at least one woman involved.

    Ok, I will shut up now and pop more pills. Maybe more coffee!!!!!!

    I love these blind review ideas! Hope I can get back to the site soon, ugh. Still reading and watching though 🙂 Well except Brian’s, I savor every morsel of his typed words while rubbing the printed pages all over my naked body.

  3. maybe try something from roma craft or gurkha it seems to me that you love gurkha or you don’t you could change some minds or plasenica has the new company and one form if you smoke stogie in the last 100 years you try there tobacco even didn’t know any one could be fun

  4. Walt, I think Mike is on the right track with his post. In addition to what Mike has written, my suggestion is to let the shop owner make a few selections from cigars that he would like people to know about and may be under the radar. Compare those with a few cigars that are overhyped/overpriced. You don’t want to pick cigars that his shop doesn’t carry however.

    1. Arless,
      One of my all time favorite Blind Tastings was the Flor de Oliva Corojo. Everyone was raving about the cigar and talking about how expensive they thought it was. When it was revealed that it was a $2.50 bundle cigar, everyone was in shock.

      I was hoping to bump into the new shop owner today (I’m sitting in the lounge as I type this) but it will have to wait until the next time he is in. I’ve always set these up to be zero cost for the shop owner but I’d still like to get some input from them.

  5. Hey Walt, I think this is a great idea to start up again! I always enjoyed those videos. Possibly do a 3rds video. First third, Second third, and Third Third, plus over all first impressions and final thoughts. Nothing to crazy long maybe 10 mins or so. I think this is a great way for people to try new smokes they normally may not due to sticker shock or band shock ( oh I would never smoke a bundled cigar) I look forward to the progress of this adventure.


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