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Site News: Stogie Review App Now Available

You asked…we listened…and we hope we delivered. The Stogie Review App is now available for FREE in the Apple App Store (iPhone) and the Google Play Store (Android). We didn’t want to “reinvent the wheel” so to speak. We wanted something that worked like the optimized mobile version of the site and include push notification […]

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And The Empire Grows

I’d like to take a moment to welcome Ben Lee as the newest member of Team Stogie Review. If you follow cigar blogs, Ben is no stranger to you as he spent the last three plus years blogging and doing cigar reviews over at Nice Tight Ash. We’ve run into each other many times on […]

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A Thank You (IPCPR 2012)

As our 2012 IPCPR coverage comes to a close (Walt has a short video left to post…) I wanted to post a quick thank you. The past week we have seen record visits to Stogie Review and record views of our IPCPR videos. I might be the most vocal member of Team Stogie Review but […]

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Stogie Review Update

Over the past couple of weeks Stogie Review has had a buzz of activity, behind the scenes. I wanted to take a few minutes, while I smoked my “A” Cigar from the CAO Last Stick Standing Promotion, to talk a bit about what is going on here at Stogie Review. reliability issues Stogie Review […]

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Happy 6th Anniversary

Six years ago today we registered the domain Its funny to go back and read some of the bullshit we peddled back then or even look at some of our original videos. Who remembers the bed in the background? LOL! I want to take a moment and congratulate Walt, Brian, Mike and Charlie for […]

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WTF iTunes?

This post is long overdue. Recently we’ve received a lot of questions about how to find us in the iTunes podcast directory. Well, you can’t. Thanks to our own Walt White and his “Donkey Punch” video we were removed from the iTunes Podcast Directory because of too many complaints and the video in question was […]

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Well We Are Back

Its been a crazy past couple days. First I’d like to apologize for the site and fan forums being down. The issue started with our site being hit hard by a DDoS attack and instead of just shutting things down till the attacker(s) moved on to another target we decided to fight back by giving […]

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