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Email Overhaul

Over the last five years, Stogie Review has been using the mail server provided by our web host. In the early days this was a great way for us to send and receive correspondence with the Stogie Review Fans. As time passed and our email load increased, messages began going missing. As of late, this […]

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Thank You – 5 Year Anniversary

I wanted to take a moment to thank our loyal readership/viewership. Five years ago today, The Stogie Review was born. Two geeks (Walt & I) who played Battlefield 1942 online together discovered we had a similar love for the leaf and on a whim decided to start The Stogie Review to share our thoughts with […]

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Work Flow

I’ve been busy as of late with work, Gracie’s first birthday (happy birthday again baby girl) and a mess of other stuff so I really haven’t had too much spare time to smoke enough to do a fair review of anything. As I get back on track I thought I’d publish something that I’ve put […]

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Stogie Review Update

Time was really tight this week, so instead of a video review, I decided to do a little Stogie Review update instead. In the video below I talk a little bit about some time off I’ll be taking when the baby arrives. In addition I also talk a little bit about what we have coming […]

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Stogie Review Live

Earlier this week I was browsing through my RSS Reader and saw that Google Wave came out of private beta. With it being open to the public came the option to embed a wave within a page for the world to see. That got me thinking about how we could utilize the service to benefit […]

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Fan Forums Upgraded

Back in August 2007 we opened the doors to the Stogie Review Fan Forums. Now, I’m not going to make any outlandish claims like a certain forum conglomerate does but over the past two and half years its grown into an impressive community both in quantity and quality. Its definitely exceeded any expectations we had […]

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