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Herfin’ Heads: Sam Leccia – Black and White

In this very special Ebony & Ivory edition of Herfin’ Heads, Ben and Brian have a few laughs, cover both the Sam Leccia Black and White lines and learn a thing or two. OK, we probably didn’t learn anything beyond how wrong our expectations were for both lines. That turns out to be a good […]

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Herfin’ Heads: Joya De Nicaragua Rosalones

In this edition of Herfin’ Heads Brian and Ben revisit a surprise from Nicaragua that just appeared on the American market: the Rosalones by Joya De Nicaragua. Ben lights up a new 650 Toro he purchased here, and Brian sets fire to 448 Consul he brought back from Cigar Safari. Will it continue to wow […]

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CHATweetUp 2013: Nomad Cigars

Fred Rewey’s a guy I’ve been meaning to talk to for a while. The opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago at the Chattanooga Tweetup, in a walk-in humidor conveniently stocked with plenty of Nomad cigars. In this interview, we touch on the Fugitive II, the Esteli Lot 1386 and the upcoming box-pressed Sumatra S-307. […]

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