Epic Cigar Fail

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Epic Cigar Fail

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary - Poconos - 1

This weekend I did something that many would consider Epic Cigar Fail. Before spilling my guts and confessing, let me first set the stage for this story. For the past couple of weeks my wife and I have been talking about taking a two and a half hour drive to visit my grandmother.

You see, my grandmother lives out in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. She is roughly a half hour further, for me, from where Cigarfest is held. She has seen dozens of photos of her latest great grandchild, but she hasn’t met her. My wife and I wanted to remedy this before in got into the snowy months.

The area where my grandmother lives is very peaceful and surrounded by woods and wildlife. I thought that I would pack some cigars to enjoy during our short stay. In my travel humidor I placed several Illusione Cigars, a Padron Family Reserve 45 Years from Jerry, a Davidoff Puro D‘ Oro, a Viaje Fifty-Fifty Red Label, and several other cigars that would make any cigar smoker drool with anticipation.

I tossed my travel humidor into my backpack along with my laptop, DSLR, phone charger, and other connivence items. Before calling it a night, I placed my backpack in the living room.

The following morning we got off to a late start and were in a scramble to get the baby ready and head out the door. Before leaving, I commented to my wife that our little one day trip was looking more like a week long vacation with everything being loaded into the car. We gathered up our bags, our daughter, and our dog (which we were dropping off before heading to my grandmothers).

A little more than an hour into our drive, it hit me like a freight train. I neglected to put my backpack on before walking to the car. May laptop, phone charger, and most importantly, cigars, were still in our living room.

Well beyond the point or turning around, I asked my wife to plug my grandmothers zipcode into CigarFriendly.us to see if there was a cigar shop relatively close. Unfortunately, the only result was a bar which permitted cigar smoking.

I handed my wife my phone and asked her send a message to Jason C. via Facebook. Jason lives a few minutes from the turnpike exit we were getting off of and I wanted to see if he was aware of any area cigar merchants. I admitted to the cigar smokers cardinal sin of forgetting my humidor as I walked out the door.

During last years Cigarfest, Mike and I had a chance to hang out with Jason and were absolutely blown away by his generosity. When my wife read me Jason’s response, my jaw hung open and I was left speechless. There were no cigar shops in the area, so Jason told me I that he would provide me with whatever I needed.

I didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t want to take advantage of Jason’s generosity and come off like a cigar weasel, but at the same time I didn’t want to be cigar-less. I decided to take Jason up on his offer, while feeling very cigar weasely for having accepted.

A moment later my phone rang and Jason was on the other end. The first words out of his mouth were “What kind of cigar smoker forgets his cigars?”, followed by laughter on both sides of the line. Going even further in his generosity, Jason told me that he would meet me at the turnpike exit to save me the trip out to his house (Ten minutes away in the opposite direction I was headed) in order to save me a little time.

When Jason and I met up, I was handed a bag of cigars, complete with humidipack. I looked down at the bag and was astounded. I told him that I was in a bind and would have been more than happy with a couple of General Cigar products.

Man o War Ruination - 1

In the bag:

Over past few years I have had the opinion that the bulk of cigar smokers are a special class of people. Conversing on Forums, Twitter, Facebook, and face to face at Cigar Events has allowed me to be a part of a simply amazing group of people. The generosity that Jason showed me went far beyond anything that I would have ever expected.

Padron 1926 - Poconos - 1

Spending Sunday morning in the brisk mountain air, sipping on a hot cup of coffee, smoking a Padron 1926, while watching a deer move about in the woods was absolute bliss.

Jason, I can’t thank you enough for the generosity that you showed me this weekend. You laughed when i told you that I needed your address to return the favor, but I really do want to repay you for helping me out. In my mind, you redefined the meaning of a Brother of the Leaf. Thanks again

Visitor while I enjoyed a Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

enjoying cigars since 2005

13 thoughts on “Epic Cigar Fail

  1. I have done this quite a few times in my life but i was lucky enough to be able to find a cigar shop or at least a gas station that sold some Perdomo and such 🙂

    Jason is good people! I still think he needs to find the world of Twitter =)

  2. Wow what a true BOTL Jason is. This is why I’m so proud to have met great people with the same interest on twitter. Walt great story and Jason a great guy.

  3. Jason is going to Cigar Heaven when he passes. In order for any cigar lover to get past the smokey gates they must prove that during their lifespan they showed the same generosity and kindness Jason showed Walt.

  4. It’s tough having to carry so many accessories to support your “habit”- cutters, lighters, travel humidors, and the ‘gars themselves. It’s nice knowing there is a comradery out there among cigar smokers to help out a buddy in need.


  5. This is just amazing! I’ve heard about and experienced first hand generosity from many BOTLs, but this surpasses anything I have ever seen or heard of. The collection of cigars he provided you are not just expensive, but are actually considered the holy grail of non Cuban cigars!!
    You’re lucky you have a friend like Jason.

  6. Great Read and awesome deer footage ! I’m taking a vacation to the Catskills in NY where I too will be bringing some great sticks but if I see a deer (with antlers) I’ll be filling my freezer with venison and my belly with back straps as it is a hunting trip.

  7. Nice. I continue to believe that the cigar community is the best, bar none. Whether helping a fellow BOTL with no cigars, to remembering a little one who has passed, to sharing prayers and concerns during a time of grief the BOTL are there. I have yet to find a better crowd of folks.


  8. Truely proof that chivalry & comraderie exists between brothers of the leaf like no other. What an epic level of generosity, unparalleled in my own experiences. I always look forward to helping a brother out and aiding others in discovering the magic of cigars, Jason you the man.

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