IPCPR 2011: Day 3 Digest

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IPCPR 2011: Day 3 Digest

Here we go with an IPCPR 2011 Day 3 digest. Well Jerry headed back home today so we will have some Brian Hewitt pictures for you as Jerry flies home and gets settled back in to post some more video.

Video Interviews:
Posts from Brian Hewitt’s Twitter:

Diamondback - Omar Ortez.jpg
New Diamondback by Omar Ortez.

A Turrent Puro Corojo.jpg
New A Turrent Puro Corojo.

Previous tat monster.jpg
Just for kicks, the previous @tatuajecigars monsters.

Tat La Casita Criollo - smoking it.jpg
About to light up a @tatuajecigars La Casita Criolla.

Drew Estate - Undercrown.jpg
@jonathandrew1 ‘s undercrown. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Drew Estate Cigar mold Decorations.jpg
The drew estate cigar mold booth decorations are wild.

Drew Estate Cigar mold Decorations 2.jpg
More drew estate cigar molds.

Drew Estate shoes.jpg
Welcome to @jonathandrew1 ‘s Shoe Estate. Sizes range from No. 9 to T52.

LFd table.jpg
Check out this table in the @lfdcigars booth. Shocking, isn’t it?

Wesley trophy Monte Pascoal from ECJ.jpg
Wesley showing off the trophy @montepascoalusa won from ECJ.

I am just me.

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