Contest: Win an Angelenos Leather Travel Case and Cigars Courtesy of Prometheus

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Contest: Win an Angelenos Leather Travel Case and Cigars Courtesy of Prometheus

Angelenos Leather Humidor and Cigars - 1

Last month we gave away a Prometheus Prize Pack which included a table torch and cigars. This month, Prometheus is back again with a black leather twin cigar case with Angelenos Logo. This case is designed to handle large ring gauge cigars and comes pre filled with a pair of large ring gauge Angelenos Cigars.

In order to be entered to win this prize, head to the comment section and tell us why we should send you this months prize pack. Being creative won’t get you an extra entries but it will get you bonus imaginary cool points.

One entry per person and you must be at least 18 years old to enter. Contest is open until October 1, 2011. We will select a random winner shortly after the contest ends. Good luck and have fun.

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107 thoughts on “Contest: Win an Angelenos Leather Travel Case and Cigars Courtesy of Prometheus

  1. Pick me! I’m going on a business trip next month, and I’d love to be able to carry my cigars in style. Plus, I haven’t had a chance to try any Angelenos cigars yet, although I’ve enjoyed the Sencillo stuff from God of Fire.

  2. It’s a nice lookin’ case. I’ve got a different one though. And the cigars. Well, never tried those. Don’t really need to win but if I do it would keep someone else from getting the goodies. Might be nice. I’ll let you know.

  3. Taking a day trip to eastern Washington to visit family in October, would make taking my cigars along a bit less of a hassle, I currently just stick them in a Tupperware container with a water pillow, heh.

  4. I’ve been a member here for years and have yet to win shit. If I don’t win, I will post a mean comment to Jerry and poop on his car.

  5. Pick me Walt I mean really I might be the coolest person you know!!! hahah and if you don’t I’ll have Beaver Poop on your Car!!!

  6. Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
    How I wonder what you are.
    Up above the world so high,
    Like a diamond in the sky.

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
    How I wonder what you are.
    How I wonder what you are.


  7. Truth is I’ve never been comfortable suitcasing cigars. Ruins the flavor 60 percent of the time and these larger ring gauges are tearing me apart one honeymoon stitch at a time. Perhaps with this case I could spare my rump the humiliation at the cigar lounge. My dignitiy is in your hands. @Leo_Botl

  8. You should send me that sweet cigar case & those 2 fine stogies because:

    My dog ran away……somebody stole my pickup truck……..I lost my job & my wife left me!

    Wait a minute………that’s just the basic storyline to every crappy country song I’ve ever heard.


    P.S. I could still use a sweet cigar case & 2 fine stogies 🙂

  9. I should win because you feel bad that I share a last name with such a screwed up group of idiot actors… Or because you feel glad that I share a last name with some really cool looking and well made door hardware… Choose wisely Indy

  10. If I do win I would find some one to share a smoke with. I woul give the torch lighter to a freind that can not afford to ever buy something for himself as he devotes his time and any extra money to an elderly lady he helps out. This is a person I think deserves it.
    Best to you and your staff

  11. Because I’m in process of buying a house (fingers crossed) and I won’t be able to buy any cigars for a looooong time 🙁

  12. I would like for you to give this case to me because I can pull it off. I am studying in a mastery program of Pimpology here in Detroit and I was told that I couldn’t roll with a weak ass game. Part of my pimpin’ means I gotta roll corectly. And that means my smokes can’t be rockin’ broke cellos. They need to represent the game that I’m in. What better could my smokes roll up into the room than in a Prometheus leather case. Bring that case to daddy.

  13. i should win because i dont ever win and i am out of work from a recent injury so i need something to take my mind off the stress and pain

  14. Being a musician, I’m on the move quite a bit. It’s nice to have a vessel for my smokes 🙂

    You know, I’ve always wanted to write a song called “Prometheus”….

  15. Stogie review, I really need a travel case for cigars. And this one is very nice. It would really make my month if you picked me for this month’s prize. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. most of my smoke buddies have their Cohiba leather three figures cigar, Monticristo cutter and ashtray,and Xikar diamond/ Zicon cutter. I’m always carrying with me a five dollars cutter from the CI Cigar Monthly membership and a free cigar lighter from a cigar gift sampler box. They’re all needed to enjoy my daily cigars. It would be nice to win this contest. So that I can show to my smoke buddies. What I’ve won from the Stogie Review guys. we watched and discussed on your cigar reviews at our meeting.

  17. Today is my birthday! # 55. Not ready for the old folks home yet. Just ready for more smoking pleasure. Thanks for the great birthday gift.

  18. I would be honored to to receive this magnificent prize for several reasons.

    1. I’m poor
    2. I LOVE a good cigar
    3. I really am a nice guy and deserve a break every now and then (really…I deserve a break…)
    4. October 1st is pretty close to my birthday 🙂
    5. etc etc etc…I could go on but I’ll try not to bore you…

  19. you should send me these because I just got home from the hospital with my first child!! My Son Bradley would love for me to have them and the case.


  20. I could really use this on my business trip to Atlanta next month. Maybe I could even meet Brian at Buckhead and we could share the stogies and our thoughts on them????

  21. Disabled VET here, 48 y/o struggling with an old Army injury fighting the VA for an increase in my disability. Had a 3rd surgery on my injury in November and have been out of work since then. I just recently returned to STOGIE REVIEW, my humidor is running low and I have no disposable cash to buy cigars. Any cigars would be greatly appreciated

  22. A TWO fingers case, Hmmm, I could take it with me when I drink Two Fingers Tequila. Besides, when I carry a 3 fingers case I make obscene gestures when I offer a friend a cigar in the center position. Yes, send me it I’ll enjoy it, spread the word about Stogie Review and for sure enjoy the cigars! Keep up the good work!

  23. Please pick me because I will need a couple of sticks when I am riding around in Afghanistan and my Battalion Executive Officer asks me if I had brought cigars because it would make us look like war horses… which we are.

  24. Honestly, I would love to have this even if it did not come with cigars. I have been wanting a case like this for when I travel in the military so I at least have a few on me if my luggage gets lost. I would love to have this prize pack. Thanks guys for the great opportunity.

  25. I totally deserve to be picked for this simply because I’m awesome.

    Also, because I’ll by @brianhewitt a Meatza the next time I’m at Buckhead Cigar…. (not applicable if I do not win…)

  26. I’ve never had a Prometheus product, including the cigars, nor have I ever had one of those 2-finger leather cigar cases.

    I’d love one of those cases, and if so I’ll keep a couple choice smokes in there, in the event that I one day run into an old man with a monocle;l and can say, “Pardon me old chap, but might I trouble you for a light?” He’ll smile and offer me a light, and I’ll offer him a cigar, and he’ll see in my all those wonderful qualities that he does not see when he looks at his sons … then he will bequeath me his vast cigar collection in his will, along with his first-edition Monopoly game (patterned after his father’s life) and an old horse named Witherbee’s Balls (don’t ask).

    Oh, and trying new cigars is always fun too.

  27. I should win because whenever I go to dinner or a party I have to carry my cigars in a ziplock bag! I’d love this case!

  28. I would like to humbly be considered because Brian Hewitt eats a lot of bacon. Also, I know one day when the Heart Attack comes, I will be close at hand thus saving his life and bring more awesome reviews to SR.

    It is also possible that the bacon fat may magically open one artery while closing another. Brian has a magical body which anyone of you can attest to.

    Yes, Brian’s body is a wonderland.

  29. Hello, 1st off thanks for the contest. 2nd, I have not had the pleasure of smoking a Angelenos cigar yet and I would like to and 3rd it’s a very nice case that I would like to win.

  30. I’m a new cigar smoker and I’m slowly building up my paraphernalia. I have a humidor but I don’t have a case to protect my sticks from damage when on the move.I’ve only tried a handful of different cigars and would love to add this stogie to my list as well.

  31. I think you need to get these to me as I’m a cigar newbie, but really enjoying this new found “hobby”, love the science and art behind it all, and am fascinated with all the different accessory items that exist…but alas, on a poor county C.O.’s salary from Pa., has been put on severe budget constraints by my wife/financial advisor, so I am done buying anything till after Christmas…this case would be nice to protect a couple of smokes for on the road and again…just sayin:)

  32. I think I should get this month’s prize because once I find something I like I stick with it. I don’t usually get to try new cigars, because I don’t want to screw up and get the wrong thing. I just don’t have enough extra money to throw it away on crappy cigars. Please, enlighten me!

  33. Long time reader, first time poster. I think you should give me the prize because you guys are like totally awesome and stuff. Also, Jerry’s review of the Man O’ War Ruination cracks me up every time.

  34. Since this is random it is obvious that creativity
    won’t help…good thing, I am not overly creative
    but I do enjoy @stogiereview and cigars so
    I guess now I have as good a shot as anyone!!

  35. I have no reason other than the desire to accumulate large stacks of free stuff. Right now I have very small stacks, but someday I will have stacks of legendary proportions and you can proudly say that you assissted in creating the most awesome stack of free stuff ever!

  36. Random is good, cuz I never win nuttin if its based on creativity! But I think I should win because I share what I win! More fun that way!

  37. I am new into smoking cigars and just bought my first humidor and cigar set. I am still in need of a carrying case and I love the look!

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