Viaje Cigars (IPCPR 2012)

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Viaje Cigars (IPCPR 2012)

At the 2009 IPCPR show we had finished wrapping up interviewing Matt Booth when Matt told us about a friend of his, Andre Farkas. Matt made the introductions, we did our thing with Andre and the rest is history. It is pretty fascinating to see Viaje Cigars go from this little known company, tucked away at the show to one that is widely known, with a loyal following and a booth that is sought after by many.

This year Andre introduces us to his new cigars like Honey & Hand Grenades, his box pressed perfecto 5th Anniversary and Collector’s Edition. He also brings us up to speed on some of the other projects he has in the pipeline like White & Dark meat versions of this year’s Stuffed Turkey (an idea we jokingly suggested at last year’s show) and much more.


6 thoughts on “Viaje Cigars (IPCPR 2012)

  1. Great interview gentlemen and Andre has a good attitude to SR and I really applaud him for his modern sensibilities. I’m also looking forward to trying his new releases!

  2. As a fan of Viaje smokes, I was anxious to meet Andre @ the IPCPR 2012. I didn’t quite know what to expect, as I have been disappointed in some of the self absorbed blenders/owners of some of the hot brands. As someone who deals with the retail business, I thought it important to meet the people behind the products I’m suggesting to buyers. I must say the guy, like his brand was awesome. He took time to answer questions, explain his business philosophy and listen to ideas. Here’s to you Andre! If you remain as gracious and down to earth as you seem, I hope that you find success in all your business ventures.

  3. So I’m at my local yesterday and a big box of Viaje arrives. I get called in from the other room while enjoying an Ortega D and help open the package. All the new stuff in the video is in the box. I wonder when I go Tuesday to play dominos if he will trade me a few for info on each cigar and the idea behind it?! Great vid, guy is young…needs soap in his potty mouth…LOL!

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