Johnny Soyak of Cigar in a Bottle

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Johnny Soyak of Cigar in a Bottle

IPCPR 2012 - Cigar in a Bottle

During the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show in Orlando, we bumped into Johnny Soyak, of Cigar in a Bottle, at the AJ Fernandez booth. Brian and I have been keeping an eye out for him since we first met him in Las Vegas, back in 2007. Johnny makes a unique product and houses a cigar inside of a bottle (sort of turning the bottle full of liquor into a large Tubo).

Cigars and produced by AJ Fernandez and will feature a variety of liquors, which have yet to be finalized. The interview is pretty short but Johnny does a great job of utilizing the time.

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  1. This guy and the product is going no where. He is going to end up in litigation with Fuente who bought the Original CIB and owns all the IP.

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