Diesel Wicked

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Diesel Wicked

Diesel Wicked Cigar Review

A couple of months back I reviewed the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. Shortly after that review I was talking with Jerry, trying to flush out some ideas for future reviews. He suggested that I put together a series and go through all of the available Diesel Cigars.

I thought Jerry’s idea was great and began the journey through the Diesel catalog. I reviewed the the Diesel Crucible and then the Diesel Grind. At that point I got bogged down with life and the series went on unofficial hiatus until things settled down.

It has been far too long but today we get back on track with the Diesel Wicked. When I purchased cigars for this review, I picked them up on impulse. The cigars were sitting next to the cash register at the Cigars International Superstore and I grabbed two for my review. I didn’t notice the price until it flashed across the register readout. When I saw $12.00 per single, my jaw about hit the counter. Another double digit Diesel, what gives?

With a name like Wicked, this cigar conjures up an impression that it is going to be filled with raw power and strength. Before ever lighting it up I expected it to laugh at the Cain FF and give the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 a condescending pat on the head.

Once lit, the cigar pretty much behaves as expecting. The first puff is like a slap in the face. A little too much smoke through the sinus and my eyes watered. A few puffs in and I could feel the nicotine in my gut. The Diesel Wicked was certainly a Wicked cigar but it was missing something very important. The flavor was severely lacking.

In the video I compare the flavor profile to a dead fish (no, it didn’t taste like a dead fish – stay with me here). The flavors are there but they aren’t doing anything, they just sort of lay there. I felt like I was just going through the motions with this cigar and all I wanted was for the flavor to come alive and make the experience memorable.

I smoked roughly two-thirds of the cigar before the flavor profile began to come forward, balancing out with all of the body and strength. I enjoy the sort of hearty-meaty primary flavor with aromas of a smokey-charred wood through the sinus. unfortunately, it was a case of too little too late.

In terms of construction, the Diesel Wicked was worth every bit of that $12.00 price tag. The burn line was thin and even while producing a solid ash. The draw was perfect and produced plenty of dense smoke. In a nutshell, the construction was everything you could want in a cigar.

The chances of me purchasing another Diesel Wicked are extremely slim. While it is loaded with power and has excellent construction, it is far too unbalanced for my taste. I would rather save a few dollars and pick up a Joya de Nicaragua Antano instead.

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7 thoughts on “Diesel Wicked

  1. totally agree with this review… Was expecting so much from this cigar but I was extremely disappointed. Not a fan of any Diesel cigars to be honest.

  2. Nice Review Walt, I think I was with when you picked these up and I remember you saying the price nearly knocked you over. You turned me on to the Grind which I really enjoy and for the price I think it works. This doesn’t seem like a stick I would want to pick up nor would enjoy. thanks for the review.

  3. Thanks for reviewing the Diesel line. I think that was a good idea. I actually enjoy the Unholy Cocktail, but you have to remember that it is a $3 stick (via cigar bid). For that price I think it is a nice maduro. I am not a big fan of the Unlimited and definitely will not be spending $10+ for the other lines given your recent reviews

  4. With regard to this video, can you clarify your terms “body” “strength” and “flavor profile”. Most people seem to describe “body” as depth of flavor and “strength” as nicotine content, but you seem to be inconsistant with that…

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