IPCPR 2013: Drew Estate #DEipcpr

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IPCPR 2013: Drew Estate #DEipcpr

It is really humbling to visit a booth and have them call Stogie Review the “gold standard” of blogs. When Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate says it, it makes you feel very proud. After some early show issues with IPCPR that had me feeling down, hearing Jonathan speak so highly of us and what we do rejuvenated my spirits. Jonathan was not 100% but made it to the show and graciously spent 20 minutes with us to talk about all things Drew Estate.

Sponsored by http://drewestate.com/ipcpr


14 thoughts on “IPCPR 2013: Drew Estate #DEipcpr

  1. I don’t normally buy drew estates cigars but since they have been a sponsor stogie review I am going to have to pic some up!

  2. I want my half a million 😛 – I love hearing JD talk, he’s one of the coolest dudes in the industry.

  3. Great interview, as always. God bless, JD, and get well soon!

    By the way, where’s my half million, lol!

  4. Guess I’ll try an Acid since JD said so. Especially if she says I can smoke it in the house.

  5. I’d respect Drew Estate cigars more if they dropped those shity “flavor
    infused” cigars. They’re disgusting. It’s like they dip them in perfume.
    Their non-infused are pretty good though

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