IPCPR 2013: Illusione

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IPCPR 2013: Illusione

Each year cigar manufacturers at the annual IPCPR Trade Show seem to get bigger and flashier with their booth designs. One of the few exceptions to that trend has been Illusione. Their booth is always modest in size and chill. It seems like a strange thing to point out, but I like that Illusione has remained relaxed at the show.

During this interview with Dion Giolito, we learn a little about the Illusione Rothschild and any potential confusion is cleared up in regards to the stores house brand.

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8 thoughts on “IPCPR 2013: Illusione

  1. This guy, he’s the man. Finally snagged some of the -r- and looking forward to those, I like the others too. Epernay la vie is calling my name right now, I like that for long drives–so delicious.

  2. Dion is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a Nicaraguan tobacco leaf. Great cigars though.

    1. He’s a former hipster, so he has to keep that “tude thing”
      going. Does not seem like any einstein either, but the guy knows
      how to bland a cigar, no question on that.

  3. Great interview Brian and Dion is always like that. He is an introvert for sure but a really great guy and always friendly.

  4. I agree with Dion regarding the rather lame and obnoxious
    fad of super large ring cigars. I prefer the traditional vitolas

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