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IPCPR 2016: Complete Digest

And our IPCPR 2016 coverage is complete. It took us a little longer to get everything posted, due in large part to our decision to switch our gear and software out all at once. But it all worked out in the end. We didn’t talk to everyone we wanted to interview, but we never do. […]


IPCPR 2016: Island Lifestyle Importers

When I saw Tommy Bahama and Island Lifestyle banners at IPCPR I was doubly surprised- the first time just to see them at the trade show, then immediately followed up with surprise that they had never attended before. Cigar accessories do make up a good percentage of what you’ll see in one of their stores. […]


IPCPR 2016: RoMa Craft

Every year there are complaints about the foot traffic being light at IPCPR, and I’ll be honest with you, I’m generally too busy trying to grab a few minutes to do interviews to notice. (My general sense is there was about the same amount of people at this trade show as there was last year.) […]

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