Top 10 Cigars 2009 (Fan Forums Edition)

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Top 10 Cigars 2009 (Fan Forums Edition)

Another Top 10 list here on Stogie Review but this one is very special. I actually enjoy this list more than my own. Its not a list based on one opinion. Its a list based on the opinions of the members of the Stogie Review Fan Forums. This Top 10 List is the perfect example of diversity in tastes.

Special thanks to all of the members of the Stogie Review Fan Forums and especially to Rich Meade for coordinating, tallying the votes and allowing me to steal his write up. Please keep in mind that this list is strictly based on the voting in the Stogie Review Fan Forums. This is independent of mine, Walt’s and Brian’s Top 10 list. Also, this list is merely a measure of the popularity of particular brands among smokers, which in some opinions, is the truest representation of a manufacturers success:

10. Man O’War Ruination ->


9. Oliva Connecticut Reserve ->

Oliva Connecticut Reserve - 2

8. Rocky Patel Winter Collection (2009) ->


7. Cruzado ->


6. Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label ->

5. Illusione ~CG:4~ ->

Illusione CG:4 White Horse - 1

4. Illusione ~mj12~ ->

3. Camacho Connecticut ->

Camacho Connecticut

2. El Triunfador ->


1. Cubao ->

Guest - Cubao - Toro

If you are wondering, here is the Stogie Review Fan Forums Top 10 list from 2008:

10. Oliva Serie V Liga Especial
9. Rocky Patel “The Edge” Sumatra
8. Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Natural
7. Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial
6. CAO Brazilia
5. Rocky Patel Decade
4. Cubao by EO Brands
3. Illusione
2. San Cristobal by Ashton
1. Rocky Patel Sun Grown


14 thoughts on “Top 10 Cigars 2009 (Fan Forums Edition)

  1. Good list but the HC Conn is tastier than the conn listed; also not a fan of the patel cigars (Painted). Where’s PAdron 45 or San Cristobal Sungrown.

    1. I don’t think many Forum members have smoked the 45th or the San Cristobal or maybe they would be on the list.

  2. Great comments everyone!
    The best thing about this list!? is you can have a say in what makes the list! So you have any problems with it… come join the Fan Forum fun…and put in your 2¢

  3. The 45th I smoked let me down, just too much money when I can get a “limited” Shark at my local B&M for $9.30 this year, and no that is not a typo!

    I agree with Nate, brothers a great smoke, list looks good to me, except the Oliva… smoking hay and tasteless for me. Peace!

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