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I you’re reading this page, it means you are one of the awesome individuals that clicked through to Stogie Review from the Walt In PA contest. I would like to thank you for taking the time to check us out.

Before you get to poking around on the website, I would like take minute and tell you a little about us. Stogie Review was founded in 2006 by Jerry Cruz and Walt White. The blog was the result of two online gamers outgrowing a forum and feeling as though they needed a dedicated space to talk about cigars.

In our first few months we were thrilled to get a few hundred visitors and a regular commenter or two. It wasn’t until Jerry, on a whim, decided to do a video review that traffic picked up. The spike in traffic and additional comments showed us that maybe there was something to this video thing.

Before long we were known for our video reviews and were developing notoriety. We didn’t sugar-coat bad reviews and earned the respect of both manufacturers and consumers. As the site grew we were joined by Brian Hewitt, later Mike Forry, and fairly recently Charlie Greenbacker.

We are very proud of Stogie Review and hope that you enjoy your visit. We have taken the time to lay out a bit of a sampler. Down below you’ll find three reviews from each Stogie Review member. Below the reviews we included three videos showing popular manufacturers discussing cigars. Those three videos, not to toot our own horn, are excellent and very insightful.

Reviews by Jerry Cruz:
Reviews by Walt White:
Reviews by Brian Hewitt:
Reviews by Mike Forry:
Reviews by Charlie Greenbacker:
Other Videos You Might Enjoy:

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